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  1. Just like anything else the perceived correlation between the performance of higher $$ items and cheap ones ends up with people quantifying price for quality. Naturally it's all subjective but, at least in this instance, it's a simple generalization. Also, dropped of some Kimber Bifocal's for a client today. Got a phone call saying he injured himself installing
  2. Totally get that, their push (return?) into personal audio is largely predicated on the perceived performance of the flagship stuff. The PH3 portable headphone amp, the HAPS1 desktop amp w/ built in nas, and MDRz7 headphones all seem to be fairly well received. They also have a turntable that, with software, can rip your vinyl to dad lol.
  3. All looks phenomenal, I'd love to hear the Sony's at some point. As a brand they seem to be in a tight spot but they're making some interesting (maybe not totally sellable) product.
  4. Didn't know, was there a reason for this or just coincidence??
  5. Had to trade in the c30 for one to afford it all Not as bad as walking into Magnolia and walking out with big boxes as I'm a dealer for Mc. I haven't had any honest time with either of the units and I've been tinkering with "personal audio" more so wanted to give it a go. Initial impression is that I'll be holding onto the amp longer than the headphones.
  6. I've done something unwise but hopefully enjoyable
  7. it was much easier to kill time in there while in school, this whole job thing is a killer
  8. Sounds like it was somewhat active last night? I didn't make it for most of the reminiscing bit.
  9. Any suggestions for a short center channel speaker stand?? Also, this http://imgur.com/aujaJme
  10. 3 way check valve for the wipers. Not a great time to have no de-icer.
  11. Bought a 6+, no deep regrets to this point. Admittedly purchased as a result of complacency more than anything else, plug into computer and i have a mirror of old phone
  12. Stick fell on it while driving. Was later for work too. Maybe some grand cosmic scheme to be learned from I guess.
  13. 1000x yes. I've referred the book "get better sound" on numerous occasions just to get entangled with someone who will spend big to get nothing in return.
  14. Sarcasm, mostly. It can be a lot of snake oil like you said and people sometime hear what they spend and it makes them happy. Some of my exposure to this realm makes me seem that the people who do spend on cabling do so reluctantly because they acknowledge the former. Or on the other side of the spectrum - to show off and dick measure. I did recently add a giant power conditioner to a system and it made a world of difference in low-end.
  15. Oh but sometimes there's trace elements of other metals and let's not forget the quantum difference in micro dynamics, rhythm, pace and inner detail.
  16. The odds of paying retail for a cable that's been around for a decade are slim to none. Mine were free anyway :)
  17. Totally undershot, my mistake - I was under the impression you wanted a compact system for another room not just as a source. I've always like the NAD disc players but while slim is still a full sized component.
  18. And that's $300 before speakers. This little Sony could be worth looking into: CMT-SBT100 http://www.amazon.com/Sony-CMTSBT100-Micro-System-Bluetooth/dp/B00DM5F19A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415830043&sr=8-1&keywords=CMT-SBT100
  19. That invisible hand is ever-strong