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  1. After switching to 18X8s.
  2. Mike: I'd suggest you don't paint the entire frame Saffron, but perhaps the seat and head tubes, or just the stays. I think the contrast between the natural metal finish and that color would work well. The right wheels will be key to making it work. My 2 cents. -Wm.
  3. Tommy., on 03 Jan 2013, said: 6'4" I was in the middle of adjusting the seat post in that picture but it sits only a little lower now. Thanks for the chuckle! Your frame must be 63 CM+, so you're still tall! BTW, nice wagon too. Regards.
  4. That is one hell of a find. Perfect! Damn. You must be 7 feet tall. Nice color scheme. Sunny and 68 degrees in So Cal. No traniner required.
  5. Well, the Pegoretti is finally home from its birthplace at Galen Cycles. Hope to take it out this weekend for its first ride.
  6. Then again, there is fine Italian carbon too.
  7. This is my latest build. Just finishing up and hope to ride it by the end of the month. -Wm.
  8. bikeforums
  9. I could live with 180. I need to stop lifting weights. And eating Oreos. Double Stuffed... My next build is:
  10. Moots: Zip 95/208 28/32 Hubs, Sapim CX-RAY Aero Spokes, DT AL Nipples, DT RR1.1 Rims. Built by Steve Gravenites. Colnago: DT Swiss 240S 28/32 Hubs, Sapim CX-RAY Aero Spokes, DT AL Nipples, DT RR1.1 Rims. Built by Steve Gravenites. These are pedestrian wheels? Glad you like the bikes. Thank you for your compliment. -Wm.
  11. That accident was indeed unnecessary and unfortunate. After reading the news article, it seems the driver is trying to cover up his actions. This is but another example and reason for all of us to ride defensively.
  12. I like your bars. Do you find the naked carbon gets slippery during a ride? I'd guess that as long as you're wearing gloves, it's not a problem.
  13. Very nice, Matt! Very clean. I like it. I'll bet it's a great ride. -Wm.