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  1. Thank you. I haven't had bad weather to really check it out yet. The kinds of driving where the AWD shone was on the Parkway I commute on - it's 2 lane greenway divided, and floods really badly on the edge of the fast lane, perfect conditions for telling if the AWD is doing it's job. In dry driving, it really makes a difference in higher speed ramp driving & long sweeping uphills where you can feel the rear pushing in a good way. I'm really happy with it. Annoying stuff is the software - I haven't got really agressive with it & you do have to remember to turn off the DSTC or you just get front wheel spin. Since I'm relying on Hilton for tuning, I really doubt I will ever go beyond the K16, but you never know.... The X1/9 will be fun, since it's gonna be around 220WHP in a chassis that weighs maybe 2000lbs :) The funky business with that is I have to raise & lower the car onto the drivetrain, no other way to install it.
  2. AWD has been functional since June, using the Gen 3 controller, so I didn't go further with a Arduino controller. May still investigate that once I'm done with the X1/9 work. I'd add pics in the C30 thread I had, but it's archived & no one responded to my unlocking requests.
  3. From the Ithaca trip -- was good to see some of the guys again!
  4. I understand. I have not made any effort to sell it, so keep it in mind if you are interested. If & when you are ready, just get it touch. No worries either way.
  5. Still have one of my modded XC bumpers (1st version with medium size opening), and modded 960 lip if you're interested. I had it freshly repainted shortly before the car's demise. Center grille has to be made, I think I have two stock grilles for that.
  6. What happened with the trans? What do you mean by boil over? It dumped fluid out the vent?
  7. Nice work! I'm partial to silver P80 AWD wagons . All you need to really do next is manual swap. Transforms the wagon :D
  8. You can use the S60R complete clutch & flywheel setup. Or hybrid like oblark. Sounds like the diff axle splines are wrong on the Diesel M66 though...
  9. Unfortunately I can't give you much in specifics, I'm relying on someone who knows WTF they are doing to help me with schematics. Another C30Crew member who did the AWD conversion & has the non-functioning Haldex issue found this thread. That's what we are working off. That, and a couple videos to figure out wiring from: Here and Here
  10. Pretty sure I still have a couple. I can check. Do you have the PN/ Casting # off yours for reference? Splines are good on mine.
  11. Worked on the finish welds for the intake, built most of the header, and chopped up the parts car to make the test bed for K24 motor & custom dash projects Cone engineering merge collector & collector Blacked out the headlamps on the C30, and fitting Morimoto Bi-Xenon projectors. Just waiting for the SKBOWE kits for final install wetsanded and polished the lenses, not perfect but much better Modified housing & added extra socket so all wiring goes out with factory look Also gathering parts for the AWD conversion. M66 AWD with Quaife getting ready Broke down & bought the Volvo left axle puller. Going to build a Haldex controller, in the probable event the Gen3 controller doesn't work as it should
  12. You know, I forgot about the axle :D - doesn't the '00 XC axle fit though? The R axle has different diff splines, that was the issue you had, correct?
  13. Because the '99 AG sits further to the right, and the '00 DP & AG are offset further to the left so will hit the '99 AG unless modified.
  14. Looks good! Side note, you could use a '00 AG in a '99, you'd just need the '00 right axle. Doesn't work the other way around (without additional mod), since the DP would be in the way.