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  1. Thanks so much guys. It's been a great car but she's now in Ohio with a new owner. Ice cold morning but clear and the pickup was smooth. THe new owner was cool we hung out for a couple of hours before he hit the road.
  2. Thanks! it should have a k24 or bigger but no it's a 19t. thanks Jesus! much appreciated.
  3. If I get a chance I may try to take it back out for one more run
  4. It's raining! She's all back together and ready to repel water like a boss We went back to the dyno about 2-3 weeks ago. This is a 2WD dyno jet dynometer. 266 whp and 318 wtq. It's almost always disapointing taking cars to the dyno Compared to last year on the AWD mustang Dyno which came in at 252 and 300. The dyno jet is almost exactly 6 percent higher than the mustang. The tune has been refined but I believe it's essentially putting down the same amount of power so you can see how different dyno's can look based on this. Unfortunately I don't have temp and even more importantly humidity data from the mustang Thanks, we are making a jig for that bracket because theres' been quite a few people expressing interest yep. No spacers on front I believe 25mm on the back. All the liners are cut and fenders rolled. It does touch sometimes in the back over bumps
  5. Last few days have been doing a fall cleanup Redying the trim, doing touch up, clay-bar polish and wax! before: during: after.. coming soon. hopefully
  6. Sorry it's been so long without updates. Been driving the car on and off but she's more of a garage queen than anything. Occasionally she does gets package delivery duty being a wagon and all I have to keep her feeling useful :) To catch up a little several months ago got the final version of the drop in intercooler finished and installed. gave here a little cleaning and brought her down to the Euromeet 2016. I still have to get my photos posted up sorry folks! life is challenging with 4 kids and 5 businesses...I know you don't feel sorry for me but it is what it is Don't have pictures but I ran into some misfires recently with the car and after fiddling around with the injectors realized the connectors were causing problems. Got brand new connectors from Dave Barton and totally rewired the injectors with new parts. That made a world of difference but still wasn't 100 sure about them so I sent them out for testing at ARD and ordered all new orings cushions etc from FCP. Meanwhile I decided this would be a good time to strip and repaint the head and some other nasty looking parts. Just putting all this back together now actually. The injectors cam back with a clean bill of health so we replaced all the orings and reinstalled everything with the new paint finished. Also I've been chasing a CEL for idle since last summer. I don't really want to go into all the details of what we have tested, replaced etc to find the issue but but we'd done pretty everything possible ... twice to trace it up to this point. On top of that here really is no idle problem which is what makes the code really annoying. I got to thinking about the injector harnesses causing so much trouble and decided to order new 3 pin EFI connectors from Dave also and we just finished wiring those in. I'm crossing fingers the code will be gone because if this doesn't work, I don't know what will. Aaaand I just realized I never posted up those pics of the battery bracket. Sorry folks.
  7. I have a 98 S70 t5, Wanted to put a 3" MAF in, what is the diameter?

    Or is this just a cosmetic type part.



    1. DutchCanadian
    2. sconeman


      Just saw this, just to clarify are you asking about the diameter of an intake pipe for that car? My standard intakes are 2.75" OD but I make 3" OD intakes as well. It actually nets a surprisingly  big increase in power.


    3. DutchCanadian


      To clarify both 2.5" and 3" net a surprisingly big increase in power or just the 3".

  8. What kits do you have left for 850 turbo's ?

  9. You're a maniac! looks great though. We are all looking forward to watching your progress.
  10. sure sorry about that. It's a custom welded bracket. I just took some pics of the car and I'll get them uploaded after this weekend is over.
  11. Thanks guys!! Car is runninng great with the exception of an idle issue P0505 that I think we've narrowed down to the throttle shaft seal which is the only remaining leak that we can find. It's so nice to have everything working and looking good. It's very enjoyable to have the car running and looking the way I want it too. It's been a long time in the making. We had a day with no other work so Pete claybared, polished and waxed her. She's not perfect by any means but really nice for a 20 year old car and it's amazing how single stage paint can polish up! Got some heavy wax on the roof! I got the new core that I've been waiting for in for the prototype Drop in intercooler and we got some rough looking but functional endtanks built along with laying out the inlet outlet locations and the bracket/spacer locations. The core is 22x16x2 and is beast. We got it pressure tested and installed a couple weeks ago. Since then I've been able to get a bunch of tests run between the GPI Drop in intercooler and this new prototype. It's amazing how much more effective this one is. I can't wait to get this finished. Aaron at Beust tuning has been working hard getting tune revisions made and helping me trouble shoot stupid problems. Definitely going above and beyond to help and to really dial in the tune. After the new intercooler installation he was able to add boost and add timing in the top end and the car really pulls hard. Harder than I think it ever has in the past and very smooth. I took the car out for a 3rd gear log that aaron asked for and I was able to log Pre and post intercooler temps as well. At the top of 3rd gear WOT at 95 mph IAT's were 49 degrees on a 35 degree day. So after pull to 95 mph IAT's were 14 degrees above ambient. More information on that to come! So after the final tune revisions and some last minute wastegate adjustments I decided to get the car out to my friends out at STM in Rochester for a run on their Mustang dyno. I was not excited with the chart but still the car pulls harder than ever in every gear so numbers aside the car runs amazing and I'm very happy with that. I'd like to see what the numbers would look like on a Dynojet and there's actually one nearby so I may take it over there to get a graph on that machine too. It was a beautiful day once I got there but it rained the whole trip (2 hours each way). She put down 252 whp and 300 wtq on the mustang. Oh well I was hoping for 300/350 maybe that's a pipe dream. I don't see how this setup could be any more dialed in than it is. the good news is that with the 02 motor this car could make some real nice power even just with a bolt on hybrid billet wheel K24 and a retune. I think she could bump up 50-75 at the wheels with that one change at this point. Sooo tempting. Dyno Vid link click here:
  12. Thanks! Oh cool i didnt' know that. well I knew babyclaude and Ricky went to school together but not you as well.