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  1. Brakes probably wouldn't ever be a problem, but a cage can be a danger to the driver is no properly belted in (especially when unhelmeted) and potentially to other cars on the road in a crash. Of course, these things didn't stop me from driving my old car for tens of thousands of miles on the street with a roll cage... However, for the reasons listed above, I can picture a situation where an (overly) strict auto inspection agency would fail a caged street car.
  2. Rear wiper, plugs and wires along with IPD MSD coil wire to replace my hacked up one. Isss nice. Tomorrow will be new fuel filter, thermo, coolant temp sensor, coolant and oil. :)
  3. Fuuuuccckkk, the outlets in my room took a shit when I plugged my laptop in to charge. It was bound to happen in the middle of an essay due tomorrow (evening and weekend class). Now I'm at a coffee shop downtown sippin on an americano. At least I'm in a nicer atmosphere now.