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  1. yesterday, i got the koni fsd's + eibachs installed. this morning i drove it :)
  2. a package came in today.. guess what it was? eibachs!!! now just waiting for the back-ordered koni FSD's to arrive :/
  3. hahahaha OMFG this made my day, holy crap. awesomeeee!!!!
  4. hahaha WOW that was amazing!!! OH and i got the job at Juice it up - SO NOW IM GONNA HAVE MONIES TO SPEND ON THE T5M!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay yeah im excited. 1st purchase is going to be intake probably since my dad is already going to pay for the new struts what intake should i get??
  5. well, i just changed my display name from s70 t5 guy to this.
  6. so i have 2 job interviews tomorrow, and you all know what that means!!! if they hire, i get monies. if i get monies, car gets attention. if car gets attention, i am happy. i know you like my logic.
  7. thanks!! i'll check it out soon. i know that its not the freon, but i'll have my mechanic check the pressure. (i would do it myself but i have no gauge)
  8. yesterday, i drove in 90 degree weather. and my a/c doesnt work blows hot air, then (kind of) cold air, and then hot air again. any ideas?
  9. called my mechanic, asked him how much installation would cost for struts/shocks. he said $280. Does this sound right?
  10. well, obviously, yeah. i love my manual t5, so i'm always looking for an opportunity to drive my car. like, i'll offer to pick up frozen yogurt for my family, just as an excuse to get behind the wheel I really want to do the LED dash conversion can't wait. i need T5 and T6 sized LED bulbs, correct??
  11. just got back from a nice little drive around town. does anyone here get nervous when driving fast?? because i always feel like some soccer mom in a minivan is gonna call the cops on me.
  12. wait..... i dun get it lol about to drive to school. yay :)
  13. drove to school (while blasting Panic at the Disco....) it rained. drove home and yes - i pulled the handbrake. once. but it was fun :ph34r: