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  1. Thanks! I don't intend to paint the centers just yet but I do have the red Speedline caps that he had made that I'll probably put on. As for the coilovers, the rears are slammed all the way down but I have another inch or so in the front. Not sure if I'll lower the front more since the tire is tucking already. I might crank it down 1/2" to see and then go all the way down if I like it.
  2. Rocking Ian's old Speedlines and sitting on BC Racing coilovers! Just picked them up last week. Rears rub but hopefully tomorrow I'll have the fenders rolled and possibly stretched a bit.
  3. Added a new ride to the stable!!! 01' V70T5M with 165k on the odo. Has some dings in the doors, needs a new ETM, and some thorough cleaning!!! Got to get rid of the Saffron now though so she's up for sale! Hopefully it'll go to a good home with someone that appreciates it! And how the R sits now, all back to stock!
  4. I'd say that's a nice trade up!
  5. ^^Is this going to be your new winter excursion vehicle since you're about to drop the black one?? Good to see it found a good home, I'm sure it's in good hands!
  6. Maybe Monday afternoon or Tuesday? How much you want?
  7. Tim message me your number! My V70R doesn't have the factory roof rails so I could use them. I need some rails to and I'm down in San Diego, I could meet up with you some where!
  8. Wow Tim, that didn't last long!!! You only had it on CL for what about 2-3 weeks?? What are your plans now?
  9. Pics from hanging out at Dave and Busters in San Diego with Mbaker, Limwell, and myself.
  10. All clean and waxed! And yesterday at Socaleuro showing off the goods
  12. Damn I'm loving my new to me R more and more!!!!!!
  13. Painted the Pegs flat black and dropped it on some TME springs! Before After
  14. Oh!!!!!LOL Well Sam has a very nice V70R!!!!!!!!
  15. YES Andy!!!! Hot damn your car gives me chub!!!LOL Hopefully I'll have it looking close to that in a few months! Got myself some TME spring coming soon along with some projectors! Can't wait.