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  1. UnknownSoldier

    Join Us For #swedespeak

    Hey Alex, been following you guys for a while now Great idea!
  2. UnknownSoldier

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Boss status Ghost!
  3. UnknownSoldier

    Any Chinese Speakers Out There?

    Diu lei lo mou chau hai, hum gar chun I've been learning for years Chuck,Alex teaches me one word every time I sleep with him.Totally fluent in both languages now LOL jk
  4. UnknownSoldier

    Obama Nation

    No I mean WW3 Zappo, with all this Iran BS and the constant threat of Israel getting ready to attack. Doesn't make a difference anyway, whoever is in will be a puppet to the financiers and wall st. I'm hoping Ron Paul does end up running.
  5. UnknownSoldier

    Obama Nation

    Someone needs to assassinate him before the onset of WW3 :P
  6. UnknownSoldier

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    I lolled then cried cos I want a manual, but we were talking about this in chat yesterday, pollen is f'in terrible and I gotta be on the constant lookout for big purple bat shit here cos that fucks ya ride up badly. I'm never garaged BTW.
  7. UnknownSoldier

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Got my new front rotors and pads installed and painted the calipers RS blue, luving em.
  8. UnknownSoldier


    Yeah, that was uber funny, exactly what I was thinking of bud
  9. UnknownSoldier


    Except Ron Paul :P
  10. UnknownSoldier


    Obama's a fag who has sex with boys at Bohemian Grove, or is that most powerful politicians. :P
  11. UnknownSoldier

    Eriks 850

    Always a pleasure to look at your slab Erik, congrats on the upgrades and good luck with the tuning mate. I agree about the spoilerless look, looks more old school to me idk...
  12. UnknownSoldier

    New Front Page Image

    I agree , TKI Motorsport for the win ;)
  13. UnknownSoldier

    Obama Nation

    Who's Obama? You mean Barry Soetoro!
  14. UnknownSoldier

    Non Car Photography Thread

    WoW, one of my fav threads. Thanks for the inspiration lads ;)
  15. UnknownSoldier

    The Obama Deception

    The pricks gonna b here next month, maybe an anti Obama protest might be taking place, I will try to be there if so.