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  1. Yeah, digging into a few old threads it seems that way. I think that's my only option. Was trying for the 'easy button' option first.
  2. Long shot but does anyone have sizing for the drain plug that was on the all aluminum radiator that Robert (Lucky) produced back around 2012? Mine has a slow leak from the gasket so I'm searching for the size of it so I don't have to drain the system while I search for the right gasket. Seems as though Robert has dropped off the map. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Damn...someone beat me to the punch. haha.
  4. Definitely got lucky finding one in this condition. Hadn't even looked at old Datsuns till a month or two ago. 1976. Sucks because if it was a 1975 I wouldn't have to go through California smog requirements. Wait till you see the interior pics.
  5. Bought a car that wasn't a Volvo. Picked it up last Sunday. Solid car all around with only little things that need attention.
  6. Holy crap. We should be getting our first taste of rain around 1 or so.
  7. Ones reaction when your mom takes away your World of Warcraft account I think? Something very similar if not that.
  8. Roommate just bought the black edition today. lol.
  9. Apparently the front brake pads started to melt or something like that and flake off as he was coming down the mountain last night. Duralast ceramics from Autozone. We're swapping those out later today and trying out some semi-metallics to see what happens. Thinking its a bad batch or something
  10. Derrr...I gotcha. Ill ask him if he's ever heard of it going back on Taco's as well. What year was the Celica? My roommates Tacoma is a 2001. Doing some adjustments to the rear drums seemed to help late last night. Tonight was getting the front all put back together. Taking it for a test drive after work tomorrow to confirm.
  11. Still havent figured out a cause behind this and we plan on hauling a couple 4x4's on a trailer up to Big Bear so if we cant figure it out we might not be able to. We hit that one after both rear lines had been bleed, still no difference.
  12. Hes going farthest to closest, so passenger side rear being the first one. When he presses down on the pedal you can physically see the pad itself compress, its the weirdest thing.