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  1. I cringe at the thought of what the traffic might be like at that time getting to and from there.
  2. I'd like to see that on the side of the PCH as you drive by, all lined up together.
  3. Looks right. Thanks Jon. Went across a rough intersection and rattled the damn trim piece right off.
  4. Anyone know what the heck this is called or even better, the PN for it? Held the interior trim piece along the top and side of the rear tailgate.
  5. Made my windows work again. Wouldn't have believed that much crud gets into the window switches.
  6. Company paying for any part of the move?
  7. Are you able to pick up any chatter on the radio's?
  8. My sis worked there for a couple of semesters and after she finished there my parents had a nice set of All Clad in the kitchen.
  9. From a trip up the coast a couple weeks ago.(Not as far as Oregon though)
  10. Cause he probably mistook you for a kid driving his moms old station wagon?
  11. That you wanted to or had to?...theres a difference.
  12. Any issues with it so far?
  13. turn it into a possible fix it meet? Gotta be someone around these parts whose done the timing belt.
  14. Shoot Chuck an email. I had to do that with a thread as well.
  15. Didnt know we were lumped in with all the rest of those places, huh...And yeah Fontana was definetely Fontucky according to my roommates who went to NASCAR this weekend. No, blood hasnt thinned enough yet. Had to turn on the heat for a month or so when it was getting down to freezing at night. Right about now seems to be the nice time of the year before everything heats up in the summer. And yes, stay away from LA, its like Chicago on steroids and worse. That and instead of having the body of water to the east, its to the west...keep getting messed up with that. Traffic hasnt been too bad, roommates and I were able to find a house 15 minutes from out jobsite and only have to use local roads, no highways.
  16. 50's out here means people walking around with puffy North Face jackets.
  17. Finally installed the Lucky radiator along with new hoses, spark plugs and some vac lines. Started up good, so far no overheating problems or leaks anywhere.
  18. Yeah theyre FSD's, got a set of H&R's to go with them. Still trying to track down a vibration issue but the car feels a lot better with the updated parts. I was there the first weekend in February. Overall Im liking the new suspension. About the right height for the jobsite Im on right now.
  19. For a sec i thought you had a mini meet gathering at your place.