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  1. Last I heard, November sometime. Any meets or random mini-meets will usually be discussed over here.
  2. Nice purchase! Going in soon or are you going to wait till the possible Big Sur Meet?
  3. Tempted to find one of these.
  4. What must have preceded this video:
  5. Careful, you might piss off your neighbors if they hear you talking like that.
  6. Huh...It was pretty nice down south. Low 70's with a breeze and a couple clouds.
  7. Nicely done! Did the fronts today. Found that both outer CV's are leaking grease. Also decided to finally install the ipd endlinks I've had sitting around since 2009
  8. Do these classify as more 'graduation gifts to yourself'? :lol:
  9. More loading dock action through grad school?
  10. What ind of cat cable is that in the bottom right hand corner? (Too much?)
  11. Think Obama will have it unless RP can pull off a miracle. Be interesting to see who Romney chooses as his running mate...
  12. New front windshield. At least I don't have to look at a huge crack whenever I drive now!
  13. That makes Mikes "Volvo" badge look good? :P
  14. Took a couple shots for a tie in project we had. 108" x 48" tee being flown in.
  15. Probably could have used some barrier wall on that road...
  16. These kids are going to be pros by the time they get to college.
  18. And the fact that in the wintertime that staircase would be horrible. Bottom lefthand corner.
  19. Dont know but somehow it popped up on UWM is famous.