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  1. Hey VS, been a while. Here's the S70 in my driveway today. Last drove the car in August to go watch the Broncos preseason game at the Clink. Fast forward to end of the game(broncos lose), car wont start. FUUUUUU. After bout 15-20 cranks I was finally able to get it going with a jump and removing my ECT. Glad I was tailgating with some Broncos fans(I know the Hawks fans would have lent a hand too ) Car ran filthy rich the drive home from Seattle to Bellingham. Car had to sit while I was moving and I was finally able to take a look at it over the Christmas break. MAP sensor
  2. Washed it for the first time since November. I need to wash it again today though, I did a pretty shitty job. Need to get the car sold by August, just need to tie up a few cosmetic loose ends and then she'll be good to go *single tear*
  3. where did you get this at? I loe holden gear, but its always to pricey...
  4. naw its cool, im getting lambo doors put on instead.
  5. Well I didn't do this to my car, but someone did.... Hit and Run. D: Lame. Doesnt look too bad. Paint isnt chipped, but it hit right at my jam. Ill look at it and get better pictures in the morning and figure out if I am even going to deal with filing a claim. Luckily it was at work so I cameras should get whoever hit me....
  6. So far the only thing the guy has gotten right in that posting is that its a volvo....
  7. Very rough, first print. Ive touched up the seeping around the edges... Dont know where I am going to go with this, but Im getting the screen printing started.
  8. Embroidery Hoop Sheer Curtain Modge Podge Speedball Ink Blank T-Shirt..... :D
  9. nope. Hey, this wasn't a spinach bread bowl for dipping. Sooo totally hetero.
  10. UGH. This takes foreevevevevevevver Im still a good 2 hours out....
  11. "MT. BAKER SKI AREA WILL BE CLOSED WEDNESDAY JANUARY 7, 2009. Forecasts are calling for very heavy rainfall Tuesday night through Wednesday, with freezing levels above 5,000 feet. Extreme avalanche danger is also forecasted for Wednesday. " Well fuck me in the ass. D: D: D:
  12. I had a dream that I had a 98 XC70-R that was lifted. It was nuts, had huge tires and a sweet as sound system. When I woke up I was actually sad to see my car outside....