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  1. Just copy and paste the link. I had the same issue.
  2. TF850R

    WTB: Roof rails

    Found a set with clips and trim from a V70 and a fuel rail cover for $33.00 at the JY.
  3. TF850R

    WTB: Roof rails

    If you have a set of factory roof rails for a 1995-2000 850/V70 wagon.
  4. I would replace the strut mounts and bearings (struts too if you go that far). Have you checked the control arms and ball joints? On a side note, my Porsche Carrera had a clicking noise on one side when I would take off from a standstill. Turns out the strut was loose internally and the shaft was moving.
  5. How many miles on the car or original suspension?
  6. With the stalling and hesitation, did you check your fuel pump relay?