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  1. Found some at my loca Ace, thanks all
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy plasti dip spray paint.??????????
  3. George, did you sell the previous motor? If not just throw that one in its a bit more work overall, but youi would be back up and running.
  4. 4G63 it, the evo are primarily front drive setup anyways. Might be cheaper than a full on rebuild. Just a thought
  5. Hopefully it is nothing to major George. Michelle is over at TC today with the Evo, if you need anything let us/her know. Fingers crossed.
  6. Weren't the Sonics attendance around 9000 per game the last few years, not much of a fan base here. They were pretty much limping along, can't say I miss them. but hey 200 million of tax payers money for the benefit of 10,000 fans sounds like a great idea. Little hard to pay back at that rate.
  7. Noticed they weren't any "herra flush" miatas and honda's out driving around. Kinda nice for a change :lol:
  8. Hung out with Brian and Carlo today at T.C. for a great tech session on suspension setup. It was a full house for sure, learned a lot thanks T.C. peeps
  9. We picked up two growlers at two beers last night. Should be a fun evening. Michelle is making espresso stout floats. Happy New Year!
  10. Damm! time for a Volvo cup at Bremerton.
  11. Hey guys I have a FREE broken M56L trans, pretty sure I chunked off a few teeth on the ring gear. Drove it home from Pacific, but definitely missing a few teeth or something. Also it have a small crack in the case and leaks out fluid. Perfect because its FREE. LMK this week or it is going in the metal bin a work. Now that I have your attentions, I also have a turbo tuner ecu 4.3 with a custom English Racing 19t/greens dynotune on it. Made 287 whp at 13 psi, yes 13 psi the boost fell off around 5k rpm, its for sale looking to get 600 for it with the tune, which cost me $300 this summer. Thanks
  12. looking for a used waste gate actuator, preferalbly a high psi one. lmk thanks
  13. F-ing craigslist, now some a-hole from Nigeria is trying to mess with me. Jabari Lagos sent me an email, my Seattle ad is gone, wtf, Anger building, oh plus my work forget today was a banking holiday, so no direct deposit till Monday, which sucks I'm ok, but alot of my co-workers are hurting. Shitting day, oh well its the weekend at least. Workers party at bremerton tomorrow, followed by BMW club event at Airways brewery, gonna get the Skyhag IPA, and spend some time with the wifey, Tomorrow will be better fer sure
  14. Posted my CL ad again at 512am this morning, and it was flagged for removal at 718 this morning.. What the hell is up with people, I'm sure its the same guy, probably pissed because he trying to sell a wagon or something. I'm posting it again right now. we will see how long this last.
  15. PM me today, with your number we have an opening for material handler, rough and some what dirty work $20 an hour if you interested plus full bene's So some asshat has flagged my volvo ad on C.L Portland, twice now within hours of me posting it up. So much hate I dont get it.
  16. Yea 500 dollar coil overs will last about 500 miles, good luck with that. You will have two blown struts before you know it.
  17. Nice meeting you and your son on Saturday, I hope you both enjoyed yourself hanging out with the club. I was all nerves on my last run, it had to be fast and clean, our whole season came down to the last run of the year. Some nice driving by George yesterday, you were cooking coming into the C box., I think you might of shocked my neighbors a bit, lol . It was a great day and event to end the year on.
  18. Yes, its michelle, they were young enough to be chris's kids too
  19. Cool George! We are down to one set of functional tires so we won't have to change tires or bring them! I just drove the evo to pick up some produce and to get all the coolant flushed thru and got hit on by two young men, young enough to be my children. Gross.
  20. Yup it has a new home. My plan of building an Evo wagon out of a base lancer won't easily work. So plan b turbo e30 touring
  21. Anyone have a lead on a BMW E30 touring, I figured since half of you have yellow wagons your in the loop on rare estates.
  22. http://www.gominigo.com/NHLPB-main.html
  23. Thanks for all your hard work this weekend george much appreciated helping pit the girls and for the course feed back. Hope you enjoyed racing with the big dawgs!