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  1. H - 1. What is on the driver's side front of the intake manifold - black electrical (appearing) fitting that seems to not be plugged in? 2. The copper capillary line between the thermostat/custom brace anchor point is for what? 3. What's the line along the firewall in front of the passenger side with the brass butterfly valve doing? Looks damn tidy, and like most of the others - I'm amazed at your production level! Cheers!!
  2. Condolences (on all fronts), unbelievable amounts of time and energy in both the education and car - hope it's nothing fatal on the XR, truly sorry you missed the grad.
  3. What'd you do with your intake canister (pretty sure you're not leaving it as a hot air intake...)? Need to modify it again? Your energy for this stuff astounds me!
  4. Given any thought to incorporating the RN block windows? Or did you already do that? This is great fun to watch - thanks!! ;)
  5. waiting for my shoulder to heal, so the TU rear suspension can be installed...................
  6. Only slightly deranged.

  7. Hussein - Couple questions on why you've one your CAI as you have.......... 1. Why run the intake into the side of the basin rather than the end as per the BMC (specific flow objectives or?)? 2. I can see why you went to the upper intake inlet, but did you consider using BOTH the upper and the bumper inlet, or would the gains (if any) be so marginal as to be pointless? You seem to raise the bar weekly! Thanks for keeping me motivated. Disregard question 1 - just read through the SAS delete thread again and saw the update on the CAI at the end. You couldn't run straight in the end of the catch basin because it's sealed by the filter itself, so there'd be no attachment point available. Should have known there'd be a simple explanation!
  8. Now on IE7 finally at work (big corporation - it takes awhile for them to upgrade systems). Yes, by 'throw out' I mean Safari closes and I must reopen. And no, it does not display vertically in Safari as in IE. I can adopt the use of FIrefox, but I also can't imagine that I'm the only one (I"ll admit to being a bit different then most - I DO like Volvos, but I've NEVER been that unique!!!) this is happening with. I'll forward some screen shots from work tonight (it just may take me a bit - as I'm sure you already determined, I'm not the most computer literate - FAILED, I'll try again). Thanks for the reply. Nice to see that you folks are responsive to your users.
  9. First - thanks for the site. Use it routinely for getting/keeping informed, BUT (and I'm sure this is somewhere in the preceding 12 pages - I just am not inclined to read through that much)............ At work (PC), VS loads fine, but threads are essentially not readable (extended vertically to the point of ridiculous) AND it regularly causes IE to lock up. What have I missed? At home (Mac), VS runs great most of the time, but will regularly throw me out of Safari completely! Must have missed something in the upgrade that applies to both the Mac and the PC. Can you help? Neither issue is causing me to spend less time here, it's just frustrating and I'd like to understand why. Thanks again and Happy New Year! :D