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  1. I was impatient and bought unlimited carfax reports with license plate numbers (I have 4 left with VIN only). PM me if you need one. Donations to my paypal are welcome. This is good until April 20.
  2. Anyone have access to carfax? I need a report.
  3. I finally soldered a diode into my ECU for the SAS delete. It was nice to see that CEL go off without having to connect the laptop.
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  5. anyone leave this on my car today at Tyson's Corner Galleria today?
  6. 1) Yes 2)I love what he did with California's economy. Hopefully a company as great as Enron can create a flukey situation where someone like him could actually be elected president. 3)As long as they aren't a zealot 4)I always thought this was restricted to white christian males and then Obama got elected so I guess women should be allowed to try
  7. A soldier walks into a bar and says, "Anyone want to hear a Marine joke?" A guy stands up and says, "Hey, see me? I'm a Marine. See that 6'2" 230 lb. guy? He's a Marine. See that guy, 6'4" 250, he's a Marine. Still want to tell that joke?" Soldier: "Not if I have to explain it three times."
  8. Instead, Nixon was pardoned and didn't get thrown in prison. And leaders of our country have done worse than Clinton. Just look at Latin America.
  9. i just have some regular old H7s in there wired in parallel with the bixenon solenoids. yeah, i messed around with the adjustments and i was able to make it so they point low enough not to blind people by putting that black plastic piece on crooked to get the hole lower. the projectors stick out of that hole enough where it's not really a problem and aims light where it's supposed to go. glad i didn't screw it all up and it's nice to have flashy instant high beams.
  10. fixed. the black plastic part that covers up everything had to be put on crooked but once the lens is on you can't see the difference. this is a once you start there's no turning back kind of modification.
  11. i had to hack around a bit and last night i couldn't really adjust the aim quite the way i wanted it so i'm going to have to make some adjustments. i basically just cut the plastic part that the old abm projectors fit into so the E55s would fit.
  12. Mercedes E55 bi-xenon retrofit into my ABM headlights!
  13. Nixon. He got away with more felonies than I could ever dream about committing. Yet 30 years later, Clinton gets impeached for getting a blowjob and lying about it (as if no politician has ever done that).
  14. when has anything ever gotten done in 6 months in this country? maybe if one party could control the government for longer than 8 years we would see some change. all i see right now is each party undoing whatever good or bad the previous party did.
  15. He criticized teacher unions and I wanted him to elaborate on it. That wasn't a final statement or whatever you misunderstood it to be. It was a question.
  16. There is a lot wrong with how you understand the world and what I am talking about. I see the world the same way you do, I just use my intellect to understand what's going on as well. 1. The way you people argue about our government, for fox news' and your purposes it is "Obama's government" 2. Social Security is a welfare program. I wasn't arguing about what Bush's administration and the republicans did to it's status. 3. Ugh, if I had a kid I could go sign him up for elementary school without having to pay tuition (for free). I wasn't talking about the fact that I don't have a kid and I do pay for elementary schools to operate. That's how a social welfare system works. We pay, you use it, when I have a kid I'll use it too. It's for the common good. The "free enterprise" system of schooling you're talking about leads to unequal opportunities, not that it's equal right now. The way it should work is rich assholes shouldn't be afraid to send their kids to any public school in the country, they should all be equal and the private school voucher program isn't helping. 4. What are you talking about? The government has a budget... I pay rent (or taxes) to live in this country and they spend it on stuff to make it worth living in. One of the things they spend it on is fixing roads, I know you drive past a construction zone somewhere on your way to work unless you live in the boonies. 5. You don't like regulation, move to Somalia. 6. When did I say I want them to control what I eat? I eat organic foods when I can by choice and it wouldn't hurt if people like you were influenced to so the same. When I can't find an organic alternative I have to buy corn products because the government pays farmers to grow too much corn which forces companies to put it in my food making things like Coca-Cola taste worse than it does in Canada and Europe. Anyone who has ever traveled abroad and enjoyed a Coke knows what I am talking about. Also, are you a teacher? Do you know anything about teacher unions and school vouchers other than what you see on TV?
  17. Obama is a socialist because: His government collects taxes His government provides services to the people that those taxes pay for Senior citizens in this country can collect social(ist) security checks People in this country have access to free education (K-12) People in this country are allowed to make use of a communication and transportation infrastructure paid for and maintained by the government Corn farmers are subsidized Oil companies are subsidized The government regulates our mixed economy And there are many more reasons. Now I don't see what the problem with this is except for the reasons behind the corn and oil subsidies. I want to know why it's a bad thing that we have all of these opportunities in the land of opportunity or why it's bad that the government can force companies to stop selling things that are overtly harmful to the population (except for cigarettes and fast food because big tobacco and big food are too powerful)
  18. I am not saying he's not at all socialist. I am saying it's nothing new so what's the big deal? This is such an empty argument. The discussion should be about what the Tea Bagger Party agenda is because all I have heard about is lower taxes, no national health care, etc. How do they plan to do this and what do they think will work better? They win primaries by calling Obama socialist and because the spineless democrats can't defend themselves but what do they plan to do if they get into office?
  19. I was simply giving an example of what socialist intervention in the economy looks like. Our government has had socialist currents ever since its inception, i.e. free public schooling, USPS, Amtrak, our interstates, all funded by the government and the use of our taxes. Calling Obama a socialist is simply a right wing ploy to incite negative emotions in less informed Americans in order to artificially strengthen their position in economic and social debates. It is a non-issue and that is all I am trying to point out.
  20. If Obama is "pushing socialism," how would you describe the Bush Administration's trillion dollar bailout of the Wall Street banks with tax payer dollars? Isn't that socialism? As a free market capitalist, you were probably against that even though I never heard you fox news types call Bush a socialist.
  21. so what do people read these days if it's not the New Yorker or Newsweek? The New York Post? The Washington Times?