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  1. The biggest issue i have with this is that (at least up in the NE) I'm not hearing anything from the people in Arizona outside of politicians. I know of many of the factors which have brought the situation to this point, but I know nothing of the evolution of the mindset of the people who have passed this law. It makes me wonder who supports it. Oddly enough, the most vocal proponents of it here that i know are recent immigrants who worked very hard and are very pissed that some people cheat the system and not work for it like they did.

    There are huge numbers of "immigrants" in eastern Mass, and the huge majority of them are working hard and providing services that the lazy suburbanites can't be bothered to do. They follow the rules, and take advantage of every single social benefit they can. It's not greed, it's smart. Working together to help everyone is a community value that this country has largely abandoned, many of them embrace it. Sure there are some bad people in that group, but you get that in any social sampling. The folks I see now are no different from those in any other wave of immigration that has come to this country.

    I can't imagine a law like this here, it just would not happen. I'm certain the profiling and stereotyping exist, there's no question about that. But putting it in writing, making it official? No way. There are areas where not being white makes you suspicious to the fuzz, and driving a lowered riced out honda WILL get you pulled over in many places, but you're not getting yanked out of your car on rt 1 and having someone demand your papers just because you look different.

    Do check your bulbs before you visit tho ;)

  2. Back on topic...

    I spent a few years working in a factory making seals for ford, gm, etc. After a period of time, the molds and tools would sometimes be sold off to another supplier. I've seen more than one aftermarket part with mold marks removed from the finished part that aren't from overflow or mold repairs.

    My hope is that all the old molds and tools at Volvo might be available, allowing other companies to make the parts. There is no shortage of older volvos around here, and people want to keep them running. Demand for parts isn't going away, and volvo's habit of using the same parts on multiple platforms makes each one viable for longer. Even without the molds it's 100% possible for a supplier to make a product that is an improvement over original quality, but with the smaller demographic, having the tools makes it much cheaper to produce. I'd rather choose from 3 suppliers who make good parts than from 20 who make crap; I don't want more support, i want better quality.

    It has always seemed to me that aftermarket support for volvos (and bmws, saab, etc) has been much stronger in europe, and even there Volvo isn't super well supported. Is that more a result of Volvo's (the company) choices or does it stem from the demographics of the Volvo owners and what they traditionally want out of their cars?

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  3. And this is why i prefer the way NH does it. State reps get $1 a year and a senate vanity plate. Change comes more slowly, but it's less reactionary. Any time you make money a motivation for doing good it pollutes the pool. When the motivation is no longer money-in-hand, you're there because you want to be, not for monetary gain.

    The 9/11 fund is a horrid example of reactive policy... so much money was donated in the weeks following the attack that it overwhelmed the system and it didnt always get out to those who needed it. The worst part is, that even tho there's a huge amount of $$, they arent giving it out as fast as they should. There are millions for college education for the children of victims that haven't been dispersed.

    While i have the utmost repect for anyone willing to join the troops and fight for the rest of us (seriously, lord knows i couldn't do it), y'all are crazy if you thing the govt is going to do anything for you after you're done.

    Step 1 is either stop paying pols, or put MASSIVE restrictions on any private commercial ventures.

  4. I am sleeping though, thanks in part to marijuana.

    Have you actually tried quitting smoking for more than a couple weeks? If you're a moderate daily smoker you're looking at 6 weeks before it's mostly out of your system. Half life of the thc concentration in your body is 7 days. Real insomnia does suck, and hopefully you'll continue to be able to get what you need to deal with it. ("Insomnia" is the catch-all for easy pole scripts, so you'll have to forgive my chuckling. ;))


    If people keep abusing the use of real legal medical pole it's going to set the whole thing back decades. Buy your buds from someone else, leave the clinics so the people who really need it can get it. Don't give the opponents of it the all ammo they need. Let them see cancer patients and glaucoma patients at the clinics, not able bodied young adults who have no real issues. Sure, someday it'll be legal, but not anytime soon if people are morons about it.

  5. no way marinol is only $4

    and vaporizing is better then marinol

    being high on marinol is quite a bit different then being high on pole. marinol is much more of a psychotic then pole. I never had auditory halucinations from smoking pole, but I did when I took marinol. Smoking pole is also much more relaxing and calming.

    I would compare the two to getting drunk on beer vs. hard alcohol. Beer is a much calmer slower buzz then the effects of hard alcohol.

    more like the difference between chugging a beer and the equivalent volume of everclear. Most folks i've met who use med pot prefer cooking it anyways.

    Besides, doesn't taking a pill to calm severe nausea seem a little counter-intuitive?

  6. Its all moot. Medicinal pole is 100% pointless. Not even going to debate the medical properties with you because I do not have to. Its called marinol. All the effects none of the downsides. But patchouli sniffing granola munchers don't want to here that. They want an excuse to smoke. So again, thank you for a retarded thread.

    Have you ever tried either Marinol or pole? They're not the same thing, not even remotely. It's like saying ethanol and 18yr whiskey are indistiguishable. All of the effects? Not even close. And what exactly is the "downside" to pole to which you refer? The reasons it was made illegal in the first place is the petroleum industry (nylon vs hemp), the tobacco industry, and assholes in the southwest trying to drive out the immigrants and natives.

    Meth can be used in the treatment of migraines, quite sucessfully. LSD couch sessions with alcoholics (early 60s) provided higher sucess rates than anything since by about 10x. Coke is still used in certain dental surgeries. MDMA was showing amazing results in psyc patients till the govt pulled the plug. Leeches and maggots do things modern medicine cant, and tomatoes were considered poisonous 200 years ago. Why was bloodletting so popular for 100+ years when it didnt do a damn thing to help?

    Ephedrine, alcohol, water; all legal, all deadly if used wrong. Nutmeg kills a few people each year (low ld50). pole? better get some snacks.