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  1. As far as i'm concerned, anyone who wants to be president shouldn't be allowed to. Bush has been a nightmare, McCain has no balls, Hillary is plastic, when was the last time people were actually happy about who was running? Reagan. (oh and that turned out so well...) What we NEED is someone who has no experience, nothing to prove, and is raw enough to question the peopetual BS our country keeps spitting out. The absolute LAST thing we need is someone with (direct) experience. We need someone who isn't all mucked up in the archaic power structure that controls our political system. Our govt is so congested with old lies and useless excess that it has become internally ineffective. Our citizens starve while we fail repeatedly to show the rest of the planet how cool we are. We jail tens of thousands of people for pole, spend millions of dollars a year. Why? 2 reasons: 1) because 90 years ago the petroleum industry wanted people to use it's new synthetics and 2) because people didn't like the current wave of immigrants. Yep. Billions of dollars spent. Countless lives destroyed. Untold numbers that could have used medicine but suffered instead.

    All because some fat old rich white guy took kickbacks and hated mexicans.

    I'm voting for Ralph.