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  1. Great write up and links! Now , are these dimmable as the old incandescent were?
  2. Are those ABM h/lights ? I wish I got the dark ABMs now that I see your look.The yellows look good on the black. Les.
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  4. Ex850R

    1978 245 DL

    From the album: a

    The other project , have too many and this one owes me lot$$$ cos i was too busy i goy others to do work that co$$t in labour that i should have done , it also does not run for long , hard to find the fault....Should have a turbo /auto tranny and my smashed 850R wagon interior in it , but i dont know, more $$ for what end....Its 3 hours away from my home at my house i rent out to family, cheap rent , car in drive...makes it hard to work on , should get it flat top trucked here.
  5. From the album: a

    Kitti or Kiddy as some times known sems She is similar to Kurt T5s Minikitti...
  6. Pardon me. I thought this was a throwbacck to an old version of the site. I ask for the " recent post " button to be installed . Les M.