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  1. The payment for this with gas will be less then the gas alone per month in the Expedition. I kinda like creepin' up on people in electric mode.... Anyone need a 5.4l 4wd Expedition?
  2. 2 weekends in a row at my friends range. I love guns.
  3. I took VS way too serious back in '09..
  4. Agreed. I will only be 45 when my daughter is 20.
  5. Just a year? My kids are 5 and 7 and I am still waiting for it to get easier. Everyday is a new challenge with kids.
  6. Yeah i just found out I need emissions on my Expedition again...has it really been 2 years? Sandy is still working out here in Leesburg so let me know and I'll tell him you are coming.
  7. I just noticed he will be needing another Va inspection and Loudoun county sticker. I can't wait until we don't need county stickers anymore.
  8. Lunch beer makes me feel like this too.
  9. I was carded today at the brewery and I had both my kids with me and growlers in hand. I must have been looking youthful. May the beer gods smile upon your charity.
  10. Any other updates about this? Looks like I should have the same thing in stainless when my house is delivered. I wouldn't mind some honest feedback while there is still time to change it out.
  11. Probably trying to get rid of what was left over. Isn't the Florida citrus season pretty much over?
  12. True but either way that is an S-load of money for the typical person that buys a ticket.
  13. So anyone trying to go for the 640 million? You could be almost a half-billionaire with the cash payout.
  14. Yes brand new and walking distance to Lost Rhino brewery. I think the worst part is making sure not to use credit in that time while saving as much as possible. We were also told not to pay off my wife's laptop I put on my Dell account interest free. I just feel dirty having to pay that accrued interest and also paying just over the minimums on the 3 other cards we have. I understand why the loan officer wants us to have as much cash on hand pre-closing but I wanted to have these loose ends paid up before we moved in.
  15. Very cool Dave. We have a closing date on or around Sept. 5th and the wait is already killing me. We just got out loan approval back, the flooring selections are done and the low voltage wiring selections are done. I just can't wait to see what I have put together on paper.
  16. LOLCAPS I feel bad for all the Washington DC sports fans. Between the Wiz, Caps, and Deadskins the let down is EPIC year in and year out. But maybe this kid will change everything....
  17. Exactly why we bought in Ashburn though my wife and I both work in Sterling now so that makes things much easier. My thoughts are that once metro comes out that I can venture closer to the city for a better job and get my career back on track after being a stay at home parent for 4.5 years.
  18. I knew it was him and I was kidding about the getting cut off part. Not every day you get to see the RARESTOMGWTF Volvo in the US. I just thought it was interesting seeing VS folks out my way. Chrome shades, beard, Volvo. Fuckin Classy Man!
  19. So pulled out on rt.7 in Ashburn and this guy cuts me off. Anyone know him?