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  1. Not volvo related but I picked up a pair of Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra (not the shoes). I'm hitting a few of the NH 4k' this winter and after doing some last winter without traction support this should help keep me on my feet rather than bouncing down icy rock faces.
  2. I picked up a set of 168 Volk Ledge that are a few years back model. They were never used and still in their original wrapping. They seem to be good park and all mountain skis and were made in Germany. I only paid $100 bucks for them off craigslist. I've been on old 151 solomon 1080s that are beat up and too small for the last 7+ years so I think this will be an improvement, and if not then theres not much invested in the skis to stop me from grabbing a different pair.
  3. pour some yummy catch can eggnog....whys this image so big?
  4. Replaced the heater core and o-rings with a behr unit. It seems to be leak free now. I still need to get all the windows back to normal...Also I found water under the passenger side back seat...time to check the sunroof drains?
  5. Yes but I didn't squeal like a pig.
  6. Quick shot before a long paddle
  7. I like the external hard drive idea. Transfer all of the music onto external hard drive then transfer it from there on to the mac. The biggest benefit I see in this is that you then have all of your music safely backed up as well. Maybe I'm missing something though.
  8. I don't think I will ever understand the lengths some people will go to just to argue on the interweb.
  9. I would never have though to use my guitar stands to hold up my bicycle. That's pretty resourceful. Also nice cow. The bikes cool too.
  10. Time to rename the thread "Post a picture of your latest purchase made with Victorias debit card." unfortunately though I can't actually see shit for numbers on there so it must have been fixed.
  11. I'm dreading the day when my license from school runs out. having the entire cs6 go bye bye is going to suck. Paying for its going to be even worse.
  12. cool video of the little amazon drone....if only I could get posting videos right.
  13. I think its a good thing. Anyone stupid enough to do that will hopefully lose the ability to reproduce. Darwinism is still in effect.
  14. I've been having trouble getting used to the cold as well, especially on my cold early morning commute. My commute to work is only about a 15-20 minute ride but usually that means 15 minutes of me being cold then 5 minutes of me beginning to sweat. I think I need to find better layers to ride in.
  15. Super weak instagram photo of my bike I built for the city on a ride through my other neighborhood that is in fact not the city. It is super bootleg but very fun to ride and not pretty looking enough to be stolen when at home in Boston.
  16. I really want a set of roof racks with a bike holder for the volvo but usually its an either or when it comes to taking the car or the bike so I don't really need it.
  17. Today on my ride to work a man cut across two lanes of traffic in a last ditch effort to get his morning Dunkin'. Unfortunately I was riding in the bike lane and he didn't bother to check past the row of stopped cars he was cutting through. I think he figured it out when my outstretched foot stopped me against his door as I tried to lessen the impact. Cars come out of nowhere, that trail didn't move on them they just weren't following it.
  18. Its great that they all send it without noticing that the trail goes down. They're lucky they didn't go off in an even worse spot or land directly on each other. Is it bad that that makes me want to start riding more trails again. The city roads are too predictable sometimes...well except for the cars, trains and buses.
  19. Saw it for the first time in 2+ months this weekend. The poor thing has been sitting like this for the last 5 months aside from the 3 miles I put on it after its last oil change 2+ months ago. The pictures blurry as can be (Sorry). I really miss driving it and it needs a bath desperately. I feel like a neglectful parent but I'm glad to say it did start right up, hold perfect vacuum and idle beautifully for the short time I let it run. Next time maybe it will get to stretch its legs.
  20. Im going to say go with the 4s if it will only be $50 compared to $200. If they will both be running the same operating system with the 5 having just slightly better hardware I don't see the need to spend the extra $150 for that. I'll add also though that I'm never really one for spending lots of money on having the newest, nicest models of things because frankly I find it to be somewhat of a waste so sure I'm biased. I have a regular 4 and honestly even that has been an amazing phone in my eyes. Actually everyone should go buy the 5 just because I can rejoice as my Apple stocks make me mo
  21. I really need to do something about the brakes. What did you end up going with? As i've progressively made the car slightly faster i've kept the stock brakes and well I don't stop too well haha
  22. installed a set of the new koni str.t. So far pretty pleased. Not a harsh ride in my opinion, and absolutely handles better then the crap I had in there before.