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  1. put the 2 8" kickers i had in my room in for a little more bass this afternoon that was good. Then my rear window stopped working tonight, that was bad. Hoping its just a bad switch....I can never win, good with the bad
  2. changed the oil, replaced a shot brake light, gave it a bath, drove it around aimlessly for a while then parked it.
  3. Its good to see a fellow Rhode Islander getting into the turbo world, its much better. The car looks great and im glad to see you taking care of all the maintenance first you will be glad you did. Let me know if you ever need a hand or a spare part I may have, im only in RI a few months out of the year but might be able to help some time. Good luck with the new R.
  4. redefined drinking responsibly, by taking the responsibility to finish any and all drinks recieved but man this is way harder then it seems
  5. yeah i often find myself seeming somewhat insane for the ways i "logically" justify or i guess process things that are really just subjective or unimportant such as a movie. Our inner dialogue is a very odd one once we really look at it. Sometimes I wonder i im insane too haha....Anyways I've more of less have given up on TV except as a last resort or a few shows i stick by, ive developed a much greater interest in things like beiber said (cant believe im saying that) such as music, reading, drawing anything that stimulating but not such mind numbing, brainwashing shit as TV these days.
  6. eh it was broken up by the time we each got 2-3 hits in so neither one of us was too roughed up, i got more hurt walking afterwards haha
  7. 8 stitches im my knee, got in a fight with a 6'6" kid and messed up my shoulder....lets just say NYE got a little weird and im goin g to bed now
  8. With tremendous help from Tom we put in a new passenger side hub, my ipd springs with new spring seats, and my rear sway bar and fixed a headlight issue i was having. Then i almost crashed it driving home....yeah it handles a little different now Big thanks to long tom for the help.
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  10. my buddies frats having a bikini themed party tonight.....looking forward to this since last night was such a success this is bound to be great.
  11. hey erraybody, im thinking that maybe i should go paint my wheels blue i mean it seems like a sweet ass idea right now...i think it will look good...anywho goodnight volvo family
  12. not big on going to the club but occasionally im down to go just to do something different.....went last night with a bunch of my buddies, we killed a bottle of goldschlager a bottle of sky a bag of wine some 4locos and rounds and rounds of drinks at the club....i got kicked out around 1230 for tossing some kid that poured a drink on me....then some other stuff happened i dont really know...went to some party and then we went to dennys at 5am and the sun came up. Solid night....not such a solid morning though.
  13. yeah you might wanna look into that, my car almost got destroyed on the caravan down to carlisle the year before last because billys abs dident work and when we had to stop short he slide a few inches from my rear bumper and left some serious smoke and rubber down
  14. went through pcv again, put it back together. Threw in some new volvo plugs still a little uneasy with the cc pressure but ill work it out
  15. we had half a case left after bonnaroo this weekend, so with checkout, breakfast and a 20 hr drive ahead of us i was the last out of 5 drivers to take the wheel so i got the responsibility to kill the case...let me tell you it is better in the morning idk why but its true
  16. THEY HAVE THAT?!?! im gonna get sooo fat haha
  17. yea were all waiting on him to reveal whats in the ecu box because it seems to work well...i mean it got a VMS motor to 360+whp hah
  18. ive always thought those look great and seemed like they would work well, but there often a bit pricey where i was looking
  19. well in high school a lot of the teacher jr. and sr. year (when i realized i had to take school seriously and was in good classes) were very understanding of kids in my classes that were sleeping it seemed to be because they were all great students, getting good grades, and all that jazz so they knew they were sleeping because they were exhausted from working so hard to do so well. Compared to when i was in the lower level classes freshman and sophomore year they knew we were sleeping becuase we were hungover, dident care etc.. they were not very happy with it.
  20. E.M Greco and Son Greco Reality Earlo Reality EMG Development Cityline Construction yeah thats how we do it
  21. did you get springs from IPD? if so i have an extreme dislike for you right now since i was promised a set from their first shipment and then got pushed to the one a month later and am still sitting empty handed...gurr haha but goodluck im pretty sure theres a writeup on MVS for fronts but i gotta look
  22. im glad to see some good news, ive been afraid to check up with fear of the head having to be pulled again and again , im excited to see you get this dialed in and see some numbers