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  1. this is still going on?! dident this guy figure out hes an idiot yet?
  2. no nothing is truly free, there is a cost associated with everything, not necessarily a financial cost, but somewhere along the lines there is. Now im not gonna argue with you if breathing is free or not, my point is that you cant just say everyone deserves free healthcare without considering the cost it has in other areas and on other people and such.
  3. quick note, nothing is ever truly free
  4. thats about what ours is, but for 4 i believe
  5. this is 'merica bitch, you some kinda nancy.
  6. stumbled on this, kinda cool bmw ishh
  7. ive never gotten a response from their listed email contact, i would try calling if you feel like it
  8. i had to look it up but +1 to that!
  9. honestly, i havent seen people communicate in binary since my physics teacher who rocked a pocket protector, taught himself calc. at age like 12 and worked on the Geneva collider haha
  10. well that must have been a relief! I cant wait for this to all be put together
  11. that is some bad luck, but im sure you will work it out you always do. I hope they take care of you!
  12. dam man good luck, it seems like you have checked everything haha
  13. i may be wrong, but i was always under the impression to not use impact guns putting the sway links on, but may not cause any issues idk
  14. yeah if the radiator drain plug u mean the little plastic petcock (funny name right) on the bottom driverside i was charged almost 5 bucks for it alone from tasca, i mean its not that much really but for what it is its absurd.
  15. Two of these for the dorm room then car, there little only 8in but they were super cheap and i have box sitting at home unused so why not haha
  16. that reminds me i need to do a trans flush real soon....hmm
  17. name='Fake-R' timestamp='1300828544' post='1929131'] They're replicas. 18x8's. Apparently Porsche is going after the people who make/sell these wheels, so it's going to be a royal PITA to find them soon. I had a hell of a time finding someone who would sell me four 18x8's. All of them were in sets of 8/10.
  18. i think you cars the true no third pedal problem child, even it thinks it needs one haha