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  1. new hd swaybar endlinks went in feels a little bit better! Had to go justin on one of the bolts and break out the saw haha
  2. yeah i guess thats one way to get people to not use fuel, just make it so they cant afford to....friggen hippies in cali
  3. i might try something besides muscles milk its not the leanest protein, and as the kind of athlete you are im assuming you want lean muscle, not bodybuilder bulk even if you are trying to gain weight, but it is good stuff and the online prices for it are great
  4. haha i was gonna actually say that as an option because i like the way it looks and is the most cost effective haha
  5. 3 gauge pod pillahh, finally smarting up and getting wideband instead of just boost, recommendations for third one im thinking egt...or trans temp since im still auto :(
  6. case of 10 oil filter, 2 endlinks, and the switch to make it easier to get out of park hah fcp is my friend
  7. can i go drive now

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  8. put about 190 miles on it since the motor went in, parked it in the garage until next weekend when i will get to atleast 500 (driving it back to school in boston)
  9. they were still the best on Dans McDonalds volvo...
  10. finished my motor swap, drove it home, ran like a champ, life is good
  11. got it about an hr away from running, just a few more vac lines, some plugs, intake, battery, serp belt and will be ready to start.....and sit....and then get an oil change haha
  12. i was thinking about that yesterday because it got up to 30s-40s in boston...then today it was about 5 with the windchill so it was just a nice weather tease....moral of the story dont speak too soon when it come to mother nature fucking with you oh and for my car, all the seals went into the swap motor, the newer timing belt, oem wp, tensioner etc.... new thermostat, the numerous gaskets...motor should be ready to go in this week!
  13. let me know if you want to get rid of the s70 one cheap, i wouldent mind having one around so i dont have to guess or look up on here hah
  14. 130 bucks worth of oem seals gaskets orings and crush washers for the swap motor...and thats with my discount and a non oem motor mount from fcp for 16 bucks because it was 97 for oem and ill replace it a few times before spend that much more
  15. puled the motor out, took a little while since i left the trans in and had to squeeze it out haha ordered my parts for the new motor should be running next week!
  16. i must say you are the tire buying god, dident you just get ur winter tires for dirt cheap too....dam you! I need two 17s for the bad propuses if you happen to come across any deals like that again
  17. is that a joke haha hardest part of it is getting under the car, and he has a lift!
  18. well originally they gave me a newer motor so when i called to find out what year it was from since i ordered a 98 and it obviously wasnt they realized they sent me the wrong one, so they came and switched them and gave me a discount, i was hoping they would tell me what year and give me the option of keeping the newer one but i think it was a '00 so it just had the better head for the most part and not the better thicker rods, so the extra work and money wasnt really worth it for me at this time. AND yes it still hasnt been put in because im at school like 1.5hrs away from the car and havent been home to see it for more then a half day so i didnt get to swap yet....soon though going home this weekend to clean it up and transfer some of my stuff onto it since i have a brand new timing belt oem wp etc
  19. my login transferred fine here, i dont really fit in but hey it works!
  20. i would have to agree with that, its seems Mass drivers are worse when your in the city because rules dont apply there just whoever is more aggressive wins, but RI drivers suck and are roads are easy, open and straight and people still cant handle them also drug use...idk
  21. a yellow pulling on to huntington ave, i walked in-front of you, made a heart, even happened to have my ipd sweatshirt better be on here if not im pissed