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  1. i live 25 min from tasca, and work 3min from there (where my car is currently sitting waiting for rebirth) if you get to the point where you need someone to swing by and see whats up let me know, but as we all know there usually pretty good...except when they gave me two left control arms and the wrong gasket in my order...but i got a little discount code so i like them more
  2. when my boots went i just waited a while then did new axles, its easier really and the problem with torn boots in the shit that gets in there and once its torn its in there so its gonna get worn out anyways
  3. damm......shes gotta get some points in his book for the red hair if NOTHING else....i mean shes got points for it all in mine
  4. it started off pretty good! then...well you wernt doing so hot, but i really enjoyed watching it, especial when the car went off camera and you hear the thud, good stuff
  5. haha lucky us! same cyl though, but it doesnt look like you were running as lean as i your not a dumbass
  6. thats my hope, but making lemonade seems to be a lot more expensive then i remember
  7. pulled the head, much simpler then i thought.....oh yeah, 3 burnt exhaust valves 2 in cyl 5 and 1 in cyl 1....yay for running lean...sincerely, dumbass
  8. ^there we go!....and i understand the destruction of property aspect completely we do commercial real estate and have had dumb young kids come tag stupid names, or there "gang" or w/e the hell they want that not only looks like shit but has no meaning, but that doesnt take away from some of the amazing things created on that medium, also the poll is kinda confusing because, yes it is destruction of property, but it can still be art. If someone came and painted the mona lisa on my garage door, its destruction of my garage door, but its still art...
  9. it matters who, i would argue that some, like banksy or dolk are artists, but majority are not haha
  11. scoped the cylinders to look for internal damage, walls and pistons looked good, so its just the valves (i hope), started taking everything apart so we can pull the head soon, will continue tmro with tom long himself
  12. D3000 is a great camera for the money, i love mine, but it does take some getting used to because it is almost in an awkward place btwn a very simple point and shoot esque camera and a much more complex higher end one because it can kinda function in either direction and you gotta play with it to get it how you want it it mess around with it to really get the most out of it.
  13. i know that its just funny how the government often finds ways to spends soo much money on things that really should not be that expensive
  14. im sure it did, and i have a 4wd gas rc they can have that kinda looks like that
  15. yeah i ran a line for a slop sink in my basement, and when i want to wash it when its cold i can tap into that and use that hot water, and run it outside which is fine while washing, but then i have an ice rink in my driveway after...which is cool too i guess
  16. i cant imagine doing that shit, id have icicles hanging from my hands and side skirts
  17. brought it to its new home.....the garage at our work shop were we keep the tools and dumptruck for plowing...hopefully ripping it apart soon, see if it just needs a new head or an engine....let the games begin
  18. cleared out a space for it in our workshop, towing it in around noon, time to let the fun begin....
  19. yeah screw that, maybe once im old enough and have enough cash to have an suv and a car or two or three, and even then idk i guess im just not at that point yet where it sounds like a good idea haha but when i do i dont see why an SUV is so desirable, maybe if you have that many kids you need a 7 passenger vehicle but for your first 1 or 2 no need to me
  20. thats what i said! i just replaced both of mine and had to go oem, i would have probably trusted those, good luck!
  21. they lied about college, they show you parties, fun, wild night, all we have is fucking work, its 3am, im chilling with my suite-mates drinking brews, doing my Arch. project and writing my english final. Now i went to college parties in high school and most of them were nuts, but once i really got here all we have had to do is a shit ton of work....fuck im just trying to get drunk and not have to do homework at the same time is that too much to ask
  22. 2 new axles, 2 new control arms, 2 new end links, rms, tcs, dip stick seal....mmmm