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  1. Volvo S70 GLT
  2. saw a yellow over the weekend as i was leaving my dorm. Car pulled off Huntington ave. MA. I dident get a great look at what/if anything was done to it, but it was a yellow sedan.
  3. its so true tho, you can see him going for the wrist lock and he just cant get the hand around...oh well thats why he had to clock the bitch hah personally i think this is just one of those things that never should have happpened, all involved are dumb. 1. Really who gets stopped for j walking 2. Who freaks out for getting stopppped for j walking 3. WTF is going on in our society idk just MO
  4. If you guys have any idea what ur looking for in the shot i can make it happen, at the ikea meet (100+ cars) im sure i can find w/e ur looking for and i have a nice dslr to take it on
  5. is this ever gonna happen? I mean what if they changed it semi commonly so they could show off a lot of different rides instead of trying to decide on just one shot?
  6. well the reason i did that was because one arm on the sash cracked so instead of re attaching that one i just carefully cut the other arm off too

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    98 s70 glt

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    From the album: 98 s70 glt

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    From the album: 98 s70 glt

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