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  1. wassup, havent seen ya around town lately

    still in the wagon?

  2. thanks to ford and their being stupid and buying up great euro car companies and jacking up everything with those companies and cars ( ), now the Swedes are Chinese.
  3. i have it running on win 7 and it works great. my best lap time so far ~1 min on the gothenburg track time trial with the stock s60.
  4. nice face lift. it looks so windows 7 :P
  5. got in from a 3300 mile trip yesterday morning. fam and i went to Louisiana to see the grandparents. spent the last day and a half before we left replacing the ac clutch dealer prices suck. didnt have time enough to get the part from dw volvo. :(
  6. great to see yall join the club. the few things ive gotten through yall i havent had any issues with. keep it up. :tup:
  7. did the squeaky dash repair. :blink: and pray i dont have to do it again. :ph34r:
  8. touched up the trim on the xc with some trim shine, again. also washed the parents s80 t6 and the xc too. now we have two shiny swede sleds gracing our place B)
  9. finally got the dreaded pcv done today should keep the car happy now. last thing on the to-do list, trans flush (woo hoo) same thing happened to us at the shop i went to. had some dude stop by and chit chat with the mech that was helping me.
  10. the thing is, i would never let that happen if i can help it stuff i did to the xc. finished the new turbo hose install did the radiator hoses too, did a flush and refill on the fluid w/ zerex g05 did a few vac lines as well it seems to pick up a little better and has more umph from the turbo lets see those ricer Hyundai's punks take me now :D
  11. i think it was either a Hyundai sonata or kia optima. same difference i know yea the poor dude tried but i had half a car length on him the whole time. once i hit 90+ it was over :D
  12. i pwnd some dude in a Hyundai today. it was funny. took him from a red light and didnt stop till we hit around 115. the xc didnt shift out of 3rd the whole time. didnt even bother to put it in "spicy" mode didnt know the xc had it in it :)
  13. yup 5 days a week got some of the best delivery times at my store :D