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  1. I've actually not seen that.. granted mines the 4cyl.. but I stayed away from the engine shy of injectors/plugs/wires/ basic to get it up n healthy.
  2. i picked it up almost a year or so ago as a rebuild project, after replacing brakes/struts/shocks and cleaning it out with Q tips I'm looking to move on, Its a really fun car to drive but I just miss my volvo. It's got a few odds and ends to chase down and clean up but its been a solid backup for now. I just miss teh volvo
  3. heh Gti's good for meow with that clubsport (sexy A F) but I just really miss my R. I'm ready to get back in one again on the condition that it's a manual..
  4. anyone want to trade me their 850 or x70 for an e36?
  5. yassssssss.. kinda scared me first time it farted... I may have pooped a little, single best thing i've done to the car so far.
  6. Installed the clubsport exhaust on my volvo GTI...... it sounds so pretty.
  7. I miss my R. Coming up on the anniversary of lowe's totaling my car.. but not the anniversary of lowe's finally telling me they won't cover stuff for totaling it :(
  8. mhmmm hawwt! How do you like the 034 Dogbone? I was just reading up on it today some reviews said it was smother than the bfi and other one.. Notice many vibrations sneaking into the cabin? Love that white though
  9. Post up some footage when you can I've been looking to buy a can for awhile now.. Curious how this stacks up to day/night quality.
  10. I would but I've got some other major costs coming up and I don't have the time to pull, sit, and ship otherwise I'd love to and I'd prob swap them into another 850.. and the tow alone home is about $450... not to mention homes about 4 hour drive from my apt. Not the easiest situation
  11. Pics will come.. but I cant justify the costs to bring it home only to find I cracked a driveshaft or bent a suspension mount.
  12. I found out Insurance deemed it a total loss :( Goddangit
  13. Shitty iphone picture after the worlds laziest wash.. Paint's still dead.
  14. eh.. When it's basically given to you, you don't really mind..
  15. Your's looked cool, so I went and got one of my own too.
  16. currently have IPD blues springs and Koni Sport struts, getting tired of the stiff ride (also on volans with some 215/45's i think). Would H&R or eibach's help? I'd rather swap springs than tires...?
  17. i dreamed it had matching clear corner turn signals..
  18. fixed my hanging heatshield over the suitcase so now it stops banging and then replaced the door stop on drivers side, super easy job. Old one was fuuucked
  19. upper motor mount. Found it was missing one on Sunday...
  20. Never knew the raspberry existed, but I used to make fluff sandwiches with some small amounts of peanut butter and bread... Miss that stuff.