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  1. Plan is to keep interior.. however I did find a nice black m3 interior near me... but I don't want to go down that route unless its really monkeyed
  2. Soo.. I'll more than likely be picking up this 1997 BMW 318i in the next few weeks here all for the cost of towing... It's been sitting for about 8 years now in the woods so naturally theres bugs, and maybe a bear living in there. Although I didn't see one at the time, you can never be too sure. How the monkey can I kill all the little I crapped my pants and I love how it feels in there before pulling the interior.. I don't want to be pulling parts and have spiders and other little assholes just fall on me crawling. I want em dead. I've considered bug bombing it, since I will be stripping the interior and cleaning it hardcore as it is, just would hate to stain the black leather. Anyone have any other smarter ideas...
  3. Swapped out the fuel pump.. replaced with the Hella Pump.. Hopefully it doesnt suck. but stuff was that a LOT easier than i thought...
  4. figured out my fuel pump was on its last legs.. Sometimes its amazing what a swift kick will accomplish.
  5. Someone snag this beauty before its gone!!
  6. It's the most wonderful time of the year.
  7. "You gotta jiggle the handle!" But no that didnt help.
  8. Ignition switch was never done.. but ABS pump was tested and working.
  9. resoldered the abs module. Now I have a working speedo again! Just need to track down this brake light, SRS Light, ABS Lights, and Tracs Off light always on stuff.
  10. Why the monkey does my sunroof open everytime I turn the car on?!
  11. replaced rear speed sensors / e brake cables/ hard ware Also got the front drivers side axle shaft, A arm, Tie rod, End link , caliper, rotor, brakeline, and Strut assy replaced. thats 3 corners on Koni Oranges with IPD blues so far. Pass side is lasty. Such a boner for this car.
  12. Did water pump tensioner and all that good good. I;m just stuck on getting the T-belt back on. It's being a huge oh yeah!. I just need less than 1/8" and I can get it over the exhaust cam.. GOT IT! and i didnt ufck it up. .. . yet..
  13. I feel like I just bought a new 850 from FCP..... dis gun b gud
  14. got the R down to my parents in Williamsburg. So far just replaced the headliner and checked compression plus replaced the black caked up plugs pretty sure they were never replaced....
  15. One of these things.. But with the rest of the car attached.
  16. I just drove an 850 for the first time in over a year. It felt right. It was even an R!
  17. Anybody have access to carfax for me? I'm looking at rejoining you shmucks in the volvo world.