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  1. I miss my 850. I need another one. This time turbo... and manuel.. and platinum.. and sedan...
  2. you know what really grinds my gears... gas stoves. Every single time i use mine the fire alarm goes off....
  3. did you guys know hank hill has a tattoo on the back of his head?!
  4. I used to have that exact ski! it was monkeyin glorious after the rebuild. needed more power though but was fun as stuff
  5. In other news I fixed my crazy screen issue.. and then the glass broke.... again... monkey me.
  6. Is there anyone here who knows a thing or two about electronics? I replaced the front glass on my s 4 and now the digitizer is acting up. The screen registers "ghost" touches ( I touch it with 2 fingers it registers 3 points of contact) the touch only registers for a few seconds.. I don't know what's going on. I didn't replace the LCD or anything else, just the front glass. Am I missing something? is it making a connection somewhere it shouldn't ? I have no idea.
  7. 1) Don't try and replace the front glass on the galaxy s4 its a giant oh yeah!. 2)I found a car that's perfect in everyway except its a wagon, yet i'm still considering it...
  8. Bad things happen when you sell your N/a Prezman no longer owns the cleanest na, kevin blows up cars, I drive a subaru outback... bad stuff mann... bad stuff...
  9. 10 for 10, would drive.
  10. so apparently today is national sibling day... and all i can say is I didn't know some of my friends have some pretty hot sisters.
  11. And now I need to clear my monitor of icecream.....
  12. dude i live down here!!! do i smell a meet up ?! and then those stupid habs had to go ruin things.
  13. two tickets to see these guys battle it out march 29th at the verizon center.. SO unbelievably stoked! GO BRUINS! huge picture just becuase. !