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  1. Floyd R. Turbo

    Motorcycle Picture Thread

    Guess I should have got a shot of the plate in my original post. Lady at the dmv thought I was nuts when I licensed it.
  2. Floyd R. Turbo

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Winglets ,rockers, and rear skirt for the R. Question is whether they go on the car or on the shelf.
  3. Floyd R. Turbo

    Show Us Your Watch Thread

    Laco Braunschweig pilot watch type B, remake of originals Germen pilots were issued in WWII.
  4. Floyd R. Turbo

    Motorcycle Picture Thread

    Picked this up couple years ago, 1970 Kawi Mach III 500, 2 stroke triple, 5k original miles.
  5. Floyd R. Turbo

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Yes it saw some winters, suspension/undercarriage is very clean for age though. Heat shield on exhaust has seen better days I have IPD oval cat back waiting to replace it. Paint is very good as is the interior. Was a 2 owner car with complete maintenance history. Install exhaust and some new wheels drive and enjoy. Won't see any more winters in MN.
  6. Floyd R. Turbo

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    McGee toyota Boston, automatic, mileage hit 100k on drive back to MN
  7. Floyd R. Turbo

    Does Volvo Being Sold To Geely Equal More After-Market Support

    First it was contaminated pet foods,then it was toxic toys for tots, and now you want them to make performance parts for your cars. If I need parts from overseas I think I'll stay with the Atlantic.
  8. Floyd R. Turbo

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Last night I finally got around to putting in the carbon fiber trunk piece I got from Oreo. Today I'm gonna try the LSD I got from Joseph and take the flywheel in to get resurfaced. Everything else is sitting there for the manual swap ready to go. If all that goes well I can put in the Nexxus gauges and triple pod as well.