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  1. Tell your wife if he's so upset and butthurt over us giving him hell for his stupid "rarest 850 ever!" thing, he can come take care of it himself; although, it's cute to see that chivalry isn't dead :)
  2. No, it never would have went on so long if YOU hadn't always referred to your car as "the rarest 850" in every. fucking. post. you made about it.
  3. Whatever, lol.... "food love music" = "pays very well" :D
  4. Just helped open up a new club here in Orlando, and I'm running their door; have been going 1,000mph for the past four days getting everything squared away!
  5. No, but you're the only one who advertises about it and then complains like you're the victim/talks about how it "was just because he smelled it, I have an awesome tolerance." AND USE THE FUCKING QUOTE FEATURE DUDE, HOLY SHIT!!!
  7. Wednesday night I slept (read: passed out) at my bar after work with some people. Woke up still drunk at 8:00am to one of the bartenders drunk and in the kitchen making us all Irish Breakfast. That's about all that I remember, give or take a cocktail girl or two :ph34r:
  8. Prepped some spare mirror covers for a project I'm getting going with them + some under-engine stuffs
  9. Let me know how it all goes; I've been thinking of snagging one of these :)