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  1. "I'll eat your jerk hole alive you oh yeah!" "Come say it to my face I'll monkey you in your jerk in front of everybody" "You can't last two minutes in my world oh yeah!" "Scared like a little white tazzy, scared of the real man" "I'll monkey you till you love me my mother"-Mike Tyson
  2. now im ridin volvo now now ima german now now im a sniper now
  3. Titans are the original king of Volvo rims...Never forget where it all started :)
  4. unless you stick a building on top of your car I wouldnt worry too much about how long they'll last
  5. Just my 2 cents. My girlfriend (18) drives a base model 98 S70. She drives like...A young girl. Running over curbs, bumping into things, usually no seat belt unless I remind her, going fast over speed bumps, doesn't know how to check her oil, doesn't really pay attention to when it needs oil, just over all very abusive to the car. I find it VERY hard pressed to think of another car that would be able to handle what she does to it. If it were a turbo, I'd say more than likely her engine would be gone. One time she ran it for a long time with virtually no oil, luckily for her first time I saw her while the engine was ticking horrendously loud I put some oil in it and forced her to get an oil change the next day. Point in case, a base model 850/S70 is a VERY good car for a young person. It can handle abuse, much more sturdy and safe than any Honda and still runs strong despite all she's done to it. She recently hit a point where a lot needed to be fixed, got that done for about $2,000 (I'm guessing she's around 130,000 miles right now) and the car looks like it'll be running strong for atleast another 50,000. That's engine, suspension, electrical, all. Good luck with your choice :)
  6. 2 miles an hour so everybody sees you 2 miles an hour so everybody sees you GET IT
  7. the nastiest drunk weekend of my life...Through out the weekend even to now, I've been getting drunk off of 24 oz. 211 Steel Reserves and inbetween every 2 I'll have a 24 oz. Corona Extra blugh nasty, I miss liquor