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  1. Sure is! I've been enjoying my Audis immensely, my wife now daily drives the 2016 S3 I used to drive on the weekends. Best 0-60 I've achieved was on Hoosier DR2's, here's the Dragy results: Currently on APR Stage 1 software. Very happy with the fit, finish, and the power train; the 6 month wait was definitely worth it. Never imagined a 5-cylinder AWD car would come out from the factory capable of breaking into the 9's with software, downpipe, and intake.
  2. Non-Volvo content, but it's a turbocharged 5-cylinder AWD: 2018 Audi RS3: Mods are stage 1 software: 521awhp/495awtq, stock everything else except for forged wheels
  3. Finally have some light wheels for the street. No more heavy-ass Rotiforms or Pegasus wheels :)
  4. Back to Pegs for the hell of it.
  5. They are indeed Rotiform VCE's. 18x8.5 ET45, 225/40/18 BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2's.
  6. Probably the o-ring in the motor where the drain tube goes into the pan, make sure it's seated properly. And also, this is unlikely but also check that the gasket is seated properly between the CHRA and the oil drain tube.
  7. I believe it's from a 93 850.... I just had it laying around.
  8. Wife's car in winter mode.
  9. The other one: PC3 Yoshimura full exhaust +6 rear sprocket Carbon mirrors, front fender, heel guards Stretched 8" Vertex lowering link BMC race filter 35 dry shot Shinko ultra-soft rear tire Pre-stretch. Trailered both to the drag strip.