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  1. That clip-in banjo fitting is the restrictive part in your pictures. Especially with that fitting there, increasing the fuel rail volume is accomplishing nothing. Notice that both my rail and the kpax rail, that fitting is deleted and replaced with a straight-through one. That fitting is the weak link.
  2. If you're going to do that you should probably upgrade to -12 fuel lines while you're at it, since the rail is around 5/8" ID already. Since you seem to think you need 1000hp worth of fuel system for some reason...
  3. Extremely simple to just put aluminum AN fittings on an ME7 rail, though.
  4. The ME7 style fuel rail is wide open inside. I can't see how it could be improved, or for that matter why it's need improvement. Mine worked fine with 1000cc injectors and 540whp...
  5. I don't get why people are so bound and determined to run low z injectors to begin with... I guess maybe they're cheap. Otherwise, form a performance standpoint I see no compelling reason to ever run them instead of a modern set of hi z injectors. The last 2 generations of bosch injectors have been hi z. If low z injectors were really worth bothering with, I think bosch would know... Just MO..
  6. Mine did when it had the T67 on it. Power was still climbing at 7500.
  7. Well that's a relief if it's just the valve. On a 90mm stroke there's not much point is exceeding 7600rpm. Regardless of the valve train the piston speeds go past the typically max 25m/s recommended for any sort of street car. Have you talked to southbend about a clutch? I am sure they'd sell you a 707 pressure plate with a custom disc. Then you could use with a "normal" flat flywheel - either a billet one with a 707 bolt pattern or a stock one with a redrill. Both the 707 and south bend have a good reputation. Mine was nowhere near slipping at 540whp/470ftlb
  8. To me, it looks more like that clutch it meant to be used with a normal flat flywheel. You can't slag Spec for that.
  9. Absolutely. I don't think that's the scenario being claimed here, however.
  10. You've gotta be shitting me. You seriously can't grasp that even free revving, if an engine is revving up, hits 8400rpm, and fuel is cut, Exactly. The flywheel does have some inertia, so in some cases it could be possible to get a 100-200rpm bump post-fuel cut - but it takes actual ENERGY input to accelerate the crankshaft, pistons, etc.In fact it takes energy even to hold them at a constant rpm. When you cut the fuel, it's like switching the key off. The engine speed is not going to continue to rise 1200rpm. I won't call you stupid, but if you actually think that the engine speed could continue to rise that much after cutting the fuel... you definitely don't have your head wrapped around the dynamics involved. 2-step rev limiters don't even cut fuel or spark completely, and they are able to hold an engine at a fixed rpm, they don't way overshoot. That would be ridiculous. Rev limiters in general would be basically pointless. When you cut the fuel, it's like hitting a wall.
  11. No. Just no. The engine won't "teleport" from 8400rpm to 9600rpm magically. The fact that apparently no one here even grasps what happens when you cut the fuel to an engine... there's just no facepalm that's even sufficient.
  12. Huh? You can't blame clutch slip for the motor over revving dude. The rev limiter will enforce the rev limit, clutch slip or not. Assuming it is set appropriately, of course.
  13. A bent valve AND bearing issues? I assume that logged 9600rpm is some kind of error. If not, well of course you killed it.
  14. Ick. Here's hoping it's something clutch/flywheel related - would explain the clutch issues and also it's better than an engine fatality. Good luck!
  15. I can see the pics of it. Relatively speaking, that tank is flat. Trust me. So basically, you have removed the level sensor, installed it inside the frame rail so you can't tell how much is in there at a glance, and made it shallower. That is a seriously bad combination of mods right there, bud. If it does slosh away while you are accelerating at full boost and you lose methanol flow? What are you going to do about it? The nice thing about having the level sensor is once it's at the "slosh" level. the idtio light flashes when you go around corners, etc. In your scenario the warning system is another dead piston, i guess.... Weee!