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  1. I've got the headlight levelling switch in my R...just too bad it isn't hooked to anything. Just filling a spot instead of having a blank in place.
  2. Woot woot on the ride brah
  3. Gaaaaaaaawd damn I love this car. I wish my R was white sooooooooo bad! In all honesty...possibly my favorite car on here dude.
  4. Hell no...debt is the only left in this country. Rack as much up as possible dude. Just think...once you get into trouble you can just give the car away for nothing and take a loan out on a "newish" Acura...lol I can't dude...it was part of my New Years resolution...to cut down on my swearing. I can only drop the "f"bomb 10 times a week now and I used them all up already.
  5. Thought you'd like some good ole fashioned MWC ribbing brah... Now lower that bitch already!
  6. Whoaaaa....new car dude??? When did you snag an XC70? I thought you bought a T5M before you left for out west....lol. Dude...the 4x4 trucks up here in Northern MI don't have that much fender gap.
  7. lol nope...close though. i sport compact/IASCA audio guy
  8. I thought seriously long and hard about doing mine hot pink/magenta before doing the satin black...after seeing the ps of Kalvins car...I'm kicking myself now. That looks awesome...especially with semi gloss black wheels.
  9. 41 for me now. Did those stickers ever get made? I'd love a c/f one for the rear hatch glass...lol
  10. lol...the Azevs will look amazing.
  11. Thanks dude...much appreciated Ya...Jer's Jag is ok too...lol Too bad there isn't a +100 button...+1 just isn't enough
  12. Rut roh Raggy...me no likey boo-urns moments. As posted in my other thread...mine right now