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  1. Midwest Chat Thread

    I'm broke and still have a car with busted wheels for now...if your damn IRS would speed the process up already I'd have new wheels on her...maybe one day
  2. Midwest Chat Thread

    Hey there nuthuggers and ballchinians....just thought I'd swing by and say whats faaaaaaaackin up??? Besides Lee bitching out on Carlisle because of a Mopar and all....yaaaaaaaaknow...lol
  3. Midwest Chat Thread

    Well now you're really gonna hate this because I love the way the car looks with the new wheels dude. Seriously!
  4. Midwest Chat Thread

    Just toss em in the trunk...worked back in the day for smuggling people into drive ins...how can it truly be a bad thing then? lol
  5. Midwest Chat Thread

    you sir know me all too well brutha
  6. Midwest Chat Thread

    Ohhh sure...toss some German in there why dontcha!!!
  7. Midwest Chat Thread

    Fuckers fuckers fuckers
  8. I've got the headlight levelling switch in my R...just too bad it isn't hooked to anything. Just filling a spot instead of having a blank in place.
  9. Midwest Chat Thread

    lol...I'm never that far away brutha. Just not really in a Volvo mood this year. However I'm finally working over here in the States so I will hopefully have a renewed interest in my beater. Maybe I will even get her off the jackstands one of these days too...lol
  10. Midwest Chat Thread

    What's up nuthuggers? Hey Alain...call me dude...need a favour(yes favour...not favor ya dumb Yanks) lol 989 619 4338
  11. Midwest Chat Thread

    What the fuck are we trying to win now???
  12. Midwest Chat Thread

    Still wish I could make it, but my weekend is pretty jammed up now anyways so all is good I suppose. Big rc race down in Detroit on the 19th and then a Baptism for my buddies little girl (I'm the Godfather) on the 20th...woot woot
  13. Midwest Chat Thread

    Well that's a given....Carlilsle is only a short time away dude
  14. Midwest Chat Thread

    Sup fuckers?
  15. Midwest Chat Thread

    lol...I need wheels, but I'm still not that hard up yet brah...lol