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  1. im talking about parts 10, 11, 12 ,13 and 34. if both the inlets to the valve are plugged up, its pretty obvious, so id like to take it out completely. so at part 34, what do i do?
  2. ok, so ive been running around for 12k miles with the delete working properly. i still have all the parts in but pump disconnected and a few of the lines are out and plugged up. im thinking about taking everything out. i did a rad replacement and the air pump was a pain to work around. i know i can remove everything but the solenoid, but id like to know how to plug the line that goes to the exhaust if i take it out the valve above the turbo. it seems to be a metal tube and not sure if its safe to simply put a rubber plug on the exhaust after i take the whole system out. how did you guys go about it and have you run into inspection problems when the obvious valve is missing?
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