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  1. Can't wait to hear what you guys say about this... So I get a new radiator sent to me from came crazy I drop it off at the shop for them to install it..I just show up the next day out of the blue and the guys like oh we just let for a test drive. And then he adds hey man that radiator is leaking .....I'm like what the phuck!!!!...I'm like well if it was leaking why the phuck are you test driving my car, 2 if it was leaking right out the box as soon as you start putting in the coolante it would leak out...then he try to make me buy another radatior from him, then he also try to state that I will have to pay for labor twice???????....this is just beyond fishy to me..I feel as if when they got the part it was fine and then they thought why not have some fun with his car before he comes to pick it up and ended up phucking it up again...what are your thoughts about this... Give me ur 2 cents on every aspect of this.ex: whether or not I should buy for labor to hear your thoughts on this..
  2. thats what im thinking...cause the red ones seem to be adjustable...
  3. So finally the time has come I finally got my sways during the sale....but one question...why does the front sways come with red bushings and the rear come with there a reason for this?
  4. Well nothing cause I'm still trying to feel my way around this new format...
  5. Give me like 15 hours....ill be smashed bday phuckers lol
  6. Had to take my friend to the airport and right as I pull up their sprinklers go off....mind you I just cleaned my car a day I spent my morning wiping off my car...
  7. yeah i need sleep...wait theres a naked chic with me ....
  8. sorry no pic but oxy int. seat cleaner.....worked great....
  9. i hate when you clean your car and you park near a sidewalk and next thing you know the sprinklers go off.....phucking grass... :angry:
  10. Changing low beams ballast from 55w to 35w want more color out of my lights
  11. If you want to see pics check out my post in the showroom..