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  1. Untitled by buggabean, on Flickr Untitled by buggabean, on Flickr 1000+hp
  2. volvoluvin

    The T5-R

    Various pictures of my 95 T5-r
  3. putting the hoon in hoonage....

  4. Dyno'd - 245whp/251ftlbs
  5. Cool...I liked the Eibach combination for that reason in that they didn't drop too low...keeps it every day drivable...
  6. Do it!! Do it!! I know suspension has been beat to death on this board, but I am so so impressed with my FSD set up. It does such a great job of "maintaining" a stock feel yet providing such better performance when you want to push it, as a suspension set up for a DD performance type ride, I'd say it's hard to beat. What springs are you going to couple it with? or are you buying the "kit" with the Eibachs? (that's what I have)
  7. Powerballed and Autoglymed...oh ya Full post here: But here's an idea: Half Done Money Shot
  8. Here was my yesterday...
  9. goodies are here: ECU with a little bit of extra HP inserted... MBC - Sorry about the crappy cam phone pics...(My knob is big... )
  10. I like white cars...nice look! ^^ Had a mobile rock chip repair dude come by and fix a nasty chip that happened 2 days ago...rock hit my hood and wacked my windshield...scared the stuff outta me especially as no one was in front of us...pissed though as it scraped and dented the hood at the same time...(mobile repair is kick ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD - $40!!) OH OH OH and: Today I received my UPS notification that my new ECU tune and MBC will here tomorrow...can't freaking wait to see what this produces...(besides one tire fire)
  11. 4 wheel digital alignment after install of front Camber bolts...going for as much negative camber as I can get...I'll post pics later That and trying to get the wheels balanced properly. My local "tire" shop has tried twice to balance the Peg Replica's...still have a wiggle at anything above 40mph... Here's hoping!
  12. How was it and how long did it take? Do you guys have a thread up somewhere?