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  1. Close thread. Sold because I needed a larger car for growing family.
  2. Been a while since I have updated. Been busy having kids! Working on house, building sheds in back yard. installed Ipd HD sway bar endlinks. Almost bearable to drive this boat. Installed trunk LED array comprised of 48 diodes. The spread is fantastic and lights up the whole cargo area. I will soon attempt to double this array to 96 diodes. With only 48 low power diodes the light stays illuminated at quarter strength. Wiring another array in series should draw enough voltage to stop this. Might show pics if anyone is interested. I also had a small amount of oil coming through oil fill cap. Found a small idle vacuum line associated with Pcv that was busted. Replaced all pcv parts with new Volvo ones. Flushed brake flied, tranny fluid, power steering fluid, blinker flied. All that's left is flushing coolant. I felt the revers lights to be to dim so I installed LED revers lights. This pic does not do it justice. Wife tinted the windows while I was away hiking in Yellow Stone. I gave her a wax before the winter months pic of my car and wifes V50R
  3. Installed Mud Flaps a few months ago. You can see that with wide tires there is still some splashing on car.
  4. I had my friend with a 3D printer make this to cover up the front license plate holder holes. Looks as though the first owner had a front license plate and like most installations they just screw right into the bumper. I did not want to try and fill holes/sand and then match paint. Solid plastic so no paint to flake.
  5. Tailgate hydraulics broken in and not overpowering anymore. Might just be the cold slowing them down. A arm bushing where not easy to install. They do help with steering control and a little better road feedback. Still an overall softer feel of the road in this newer car. Need to look into changing out side mirrors with larger ones. Anyone know if other models (ie: XC) have larger side mirrors? Also want to get mud flaps installed before it starts to snow in a few weeks. Going to junk yard one more time before purchasing new ones.
  6. I did read a lot of people complaining about upper torque mount and I am thankful that my upper mount looks new and stock rubber. I replaced the lower torque mount and that is what I feel is giving me more vibration. Before I changed lower torque mount I did notice a surprising amount of vibration when the car was in revers and when coming to a stop while in drive. Yes, it has back up sensor. Not sure I like it though.
  7. Thanks db130, but I will go with a big double din touch. Easier than full 850 swap. Almost done with stage 0.5 CB boot repair was iffy. Looks like they use semi sealed bearings that can not be fully opened and cleaned. Poly torque mount is making car vibrate a little more than I would like, but we will see if I can't adjust it or other items to help. Changed air filter, cabin filter, plugs. Plugs I pulled looked fantastic and perfect gap. Tailgate hydraulics replaced. New hydraulics are super strong. When the gate opens the whole car shakes from the force. I hope they brake in and become weaker soon. The old hydraulics leaked over the plastic interior and was a pain to clean. LED trunk light installed. Much better than stock and an upgrade I recommend to everyone. Bought a cheap LED light from eBay for $2, excited to pony up the $14 for a super bright one. New poly bushing for A-arm are sitting in freezer until I have time to press them in. Fuel filter is waiting to be installed next time car is up in air. Saving for rear HD springs and rear HD bilstein. Did not notice until I had it up in air, but rear right has had spring and shock replaced and does not ride at same height. Guessing previous owner hit a curb or something. Saving for new touch screen. Saving for Hitch (might weld my own up)
  8. Minivan. The mini van looked as if it had no damage. I think it was a 2010 caravan. I miss my 850. :(
  9. The bad so far. Ripped passenger side inner cv boot on the way home. (new boot ordered) CD player worked, but now CD is stuck. (look into HU-850 upgrade or new touchscreen double din) fuel door does not lock and spring/hing busted. (new hinge ordered) torn torque mount (new poly mount ordered) Things I have noticed vs older 850. V70 feels huge. My 850 felt like a mid sized car. Turning radius is bad. I know I read how bad it is but WoW! Looking into adjusting steering stops. Very much feel disconnected with the road. In the 850 I could feel every bump of road without it being uncomfortable.
  10. On September 1st 2016 my lovely 1997 Volvo 850 was rear ended and totaled. This was my first Volvo, I owned this 850 for 8.5 years and loved every second of it. With only 156k miles it was just getting broken in. I am happy to report that a local 850 lover purchased this perfectly running 850, drove it home and swapped the motor into a 1998 S70. I am also proud to say the buyer admits to this being the best parts car he has ever purchased. I had a few aftermarket items on it. Pictures of totaled 850. You can see how the impact pushed my dash out and made the bottom part of the dash fall down. The rear passenger door and rear hatch could not be opened. My 13 month old son was sitting directly behind me and all was well. He cried for 20 seconds. I did not feel much if any of the impact. The car did an amazing job of absorbing most of the force. When I was getting out of the car to asses the damage I was hoping my bumper was not bent to bad and then I saw it!. Pictures of my 850 motor getting a new home. I live in Kansas City. Like many other places we salt the roads in the winter. My goal was to find a Volvo wagon from a state without winters, ie: southern states or California. I found this gem in New Mexico. Interior color I wanted, below average miles, clean, roof rack, winter package, and not red! This car was one owner, all oil changed done at dealer since day one. Perfect carfax with all service records. Pics of original craigslist add