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  1. Swedish Berry looks good. :)

  2. V70glturbo


    looks good since you painted it.
  3. I just wanted to say you have a sexy ride sweety.


  4. It doesn't have much of one. I work in the Post Secondary Education market... and Large business(from my experience)...aka Enterprise are mostly Microsoft based...except for the banking and healthcare industries...they tend to use Lotus notes for messaging.
  5. and I'm #1 as well.... anywho...that is suprising, as I am in the training/education industry and havent seen a need for Oracle training in 3+ years. Must be more out there than I realize...but everything I have seen in local enterprise is MS SQL...and small bitness places, MySQL.
  6. people still use oracle? I thought SQL & MySQL is where the world was going...do you still use novell?
  7. I love clean, fresh silver...but I think the yellow asks for the gunmetal/anthracite look
  8. Are these going to remain bright silver?
  9. 16T + S60R Manifold + new PCV system = :)

  10. It works on Windows 7 x64. You need some Direct X 9 drivers for Vista since DX10 is the Vista standard. http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/directxdownload.html
  11. hey buddy...you going to SE 7.0??

    BTW, you are only 4 dayz older than I am.

  12. Too much fun with my boiz last night. My buddy thats in the Air Force is in town...and only fo a week...so, I be gettin shotty. However, this morning sux.