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  1. That's nuts! Piston to wall clearance maybe? What do the bores look like?
  2. Just saw the past few pages of posts and it is really sad to see. A few months back a rod bearing went on my car. So incredibly frustrated since I had no idea why it went wrong and put me in a really tough situation. At that point I didn't really want to spend my free time taking the car apart and fixing it so I looked at newer cars with a lot less miles. I test drove a newer S60 and just missed the 5 speed. Ultimately decided to drop in a low mileage 03 engine and honestly I couldn't be happier. Maybe once Volvo introduces the SPA platform replacement for the S60 / V70 I'll bite. Best of luck
  3. If I have an ARD Blue tune with the SAS delete in software, does the diode mod do anything for me additionally? Reason being I noticed the last time I plugged in Vol-FCR I had two codes but no CEL: EFI-442, EFI-448. The relay and solenoid are still plugged in, just the pump has been removed. I capped the solenoid where it would lead to the valve on the exhaust, but it it is still getting vacuum from the tree.
  4. Haha yup thats in Indy for an 8 month rotation for work. Figured a blacked out V70 T5m was on the forum.
  5. Bought a pair of Bosch H3 projector fog lights from Serge and have been working on getting them installed. Finally done. FTW!
  6. Check your PM's and try lowering Latency Timer to 2 if it still doesn't work with my suggested settings. EDIT: Some VW guys use these settings with FTDI...I haven't tried them but they may work better. Honestly, I should make a wiki and just link everything from there. Make everyone's life a bit easier. Receive (Bytes) 64 Transmit (Bytes 64 Latency Timer (msec) 3 Minimum Read Timeout 100 Minimum Write Timeout 100
  7. Would the newer style accessory bracket plus the corresponding alternator/ac compressor in addition to the power steering pump you already have give you any more space for the manifold? Just a thought in case you can't get the new alternator to fit. And as usual, great work!
  8. These are the settings that work for me using a USB VAG-COM 409.1 cable and the FTDI Virtual COM Port drivers (link). Of course YMMV.
  9. heater more maple syrupy goodness in the morning.
  10. Koni FSD, Eibach's, Inner & Outer Tie Rods w/ new boots, Control Arms, Endlinks, Upper Strut Mounts & Spring Seats, Upper Shock Mounts in the last 24hrs. I'm pretty exhausted. Just got it aligned too. Good to go although I need new tires pretty soon / might need to source another Meteor to replace one with a slight bend. Overall, went better than expected.
  11. Changed my cabin airfilter with one that doesn't smell like a cheese factory and also replaced what seemed to be the original fuel filter (had rustproofing all over it). The amount of sediment in that thing was frightening.
  12. Quick question. My friend sold his '00 S70 so I can't go look and see...but is that bracket that goes on the strut tower welded from the factory or is it held on with bolts? Obviously if you went through the hassle to swap to the later expansion tank/power steering reservoir combo you could fab another bracket yourself, but I was just curious what the 99-00 stock setup is like. Couldn't find a picture.
  13. most of the way through replacing my vacuum lines...the rest go on tomorrow. swapped out my apparently dead oem tcv for an ac-delco solenoid (wow! it pulls now). and to top it all off completely detailed my atrociously dirty car and plasti-dipped the fog grilles (completely worth it haha). oh yeah, i finally put on my R sill plates!