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  1. lol thats the joke
  2. Drift Life
  3. You guys know Blackberry/Research in Motion is a Canadian company right?
  4. IMG_0876 by jdouks, on Flickr IMG_0866 by jdouks, on Flickr
  5. ​gratuitous use of my own pic
  6. Repost
  7. Me thinks that was sarcasm
  8. Shit really? Yeah I got full gear now. Its crazy that defensemen can still get that much torque on it with such a high flex
  9. lololol I already have the dark gray stick but its an 87 flex, and since i'm still learning, the new stick is a 77 flex to help me cheat a little bit lol. Blade is the P92 backstrom/ovi pattern (which is the same pattern as Crosby ironically enough) You sure? Looks like red wings colors to me (after last night)