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  1. You guys know Blackberry/Research in Motion is a Canadian company right?
  2. IMG_0876 by jdouks, on Flickr IMG_0866 by jdouks, on Flickr
  3. Shit really? Yeah I got full gear now. Its crazy that defensemen can still get that much torque on it with such a high flex
  4. lololol I already have the dark gray stick but its an 87 flex, and since i'm still learning, the new stick is a 77 flex to help me cheat a little bit lol. Blade is the P92 backstrom/ovi pattern (which is the same pattern as Crosby ironically enough) You sure? Looks like red wings colors to me (after last night)
  5. What, BMW doesn't give you free reacharounds in your healthcare plan?
  6. holy shit....
  7. mexican plates?? Saw a Toyota Previa a couple nights ago. Had Diplomat plates but its still a weird car to bring here