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  1. Any idea on the specs for this?
  2. Installed new Rainex Latitude wipers, they are great.
  3. I'm pretty sure I saw your car in the new issue of EuroTuner magazine. It was in the reader's rides at the back.

  4. Put my Volvospeed.com windshield decal on my car and also received my turbo to downpipe gasket in the mail.
  5. Ok well does anyone know where the cars will be made? I mean Ford owned Volvo and was an American company but the parts and cars were all developed in Sweden by Swedish engineers right? So what's to say that this new Chinese company doesn't just leave a good thing alone and just pays the bills for it? I thought I heard somewhere that the company was only going to sell if they could continue to develop the cars in Sweden but that could just be a rumor and completely not true.
  6. Ha yea this all makes me feel a rittle wronry :lol:
  7. DakotaS60

    S60R MT