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  1. I'm guessing it is cause you are in the same boat as me... we think saffron looks like rust with clearcoat :P
  2. hey sexy, what up yo?

  3. Wait, I wasn't threre... Yo T-bone, I thought we had this discussion... sausage refers to me, sausage-links refers to Doug Who gives a shit about the judging... all that matters is that we all had a good time!
  4. To tired to type anything worth a shit... so I am going to pass out like a mofo right now! I will read this thread in the AM. Just wanted to say it was great times hanging out with the old and new friends of VS :)
  5. No one has to, you already posted about 8,000 pics of the same old stock C70 Danny, I got your back dude! You're one down to earth car guy that enjoys working on his car, no matter the make. In my book, that's cool.
  6. Hey guys this is my bud Ed that is selling these(he just moved from San Diego) and the car looked sweet with the springs on it, just as low as my car if not lower.
  7. True, but most of you are just strange :P
  8. *shakes head in disgust* Zazzn you truly are a top notch douchebag, you are single handly making canada look worse that it already is. Do your country a favor and shut the fuck up!!! Pull your head out of your ass and realize that there are people who do know more about cars than yourself.
  9. Well this thread certainly went in the shitter. Zazzn, remember its the internet, try not to take things so fucking seriously.
  10. :o Damn Pat, you have the worst fucking luck... or your just a shitty driver Sorry to see that man, glad you and everyone envolved are ok, well except for the car :(