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  1. Crazy awesome build. Props for taking the time for the little details.
  2. I'll make a small best in firefox badge to put on the bottom of the site. Believe it or not, these badges make a difference with high traffic sites.
  3. Can someone confirm this isnt a FAIL buy? Need em & broke.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/H-R-10MM-WHEEL-SPACER-5X108-VOLVO-S70-C70-V70-S80-850-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem51919f235fQQitemZ350335476575QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_2433wt_1165
  4. ^ logo for my soon-to-launch web design firm... opinions? EXTREME WIN!!!
  5. Hastings


  6. Hastings


    Too hawt for pavement. These belong in a museum.
  7. All I can say is you're all wrong, funny about the bong :lol:
  8. let me make you a new sig pic.. shoot me some pics

  9. True stuff. VERY hawt fender. I wish I could half-copy you but it's just so damn unique, I'd be murdered by the VSers. Keep it up. Hottest rolling S70 shot EVAR.
  10. Accel video with Greekone's new MBC in my 98 T5
  11. Cleaned up the interior before work, drive thru wash tomorrow AM for the UMASS Amherst show.
  12. I'm sure Tyler will be posting a full reacp of the event, start to finish, including the SECOND thrown coffee. Ikea was awesome, but holy shit, after getting lost in brooklyn, manhattan AND the bronx (very, very, very lost), I'm nothing but happy to be home.