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  1. yes I had ALAN (tech) do them and we even re adjusted them a few months ago... no change at all.
  2. I didn't take it as you saying I didn't get it. i was just commenting that I'm at the 30 year old cut off line and still got it was all. Ok so i know this is the tuning thread but it seems you guys have seen all kinds of funky issues and maybe can help me. 95 850 turbo. was running STRONG when stock. with MBC. took 2 weeks and did stage zero + stage 1. white injectors, 16T (rebuilt). 3" DP, NA cams, NA intake manifold, NA throttle body, all silicone lines under the hood. AEM EBC. Green tune. even with the Wastegate wired shut... I only build 13ish psi... and it drops quick. I've pressure tested all my pipes up to 22psi... replaced my intercooler 3 times, its on its 3rd turbo. and still no change.... compression numbers are good I've replaced the CBV, and I'm about to just block it off and see. but has anyone see this type of issue? OH and the car runs better on the stock ECU vs the Green ECU. and NO current CELs
  3. soooo I'm not going to read all the pages, but has anyone figured out how to get it to work on 4.3? or at least the data logging part... I really need to know whats wrong with my car, but I've got no CELs
  4. Do it fast and you can cancel your payment via your credit card/paypal if he gives you a hard time. He will probably charge you $75 per hour, for testing... so he can refund you.
  5. <<<<<<<<<<<< seriously "super Whiner" come on... I spent $325 I wasn't going to get up charged to remove my rear O2, and pay $215 for a 4.4 ecu when I can get it for $20 at a pick and pull...I remember what made ARD such a GREAT option... it was $300 ish bucks for ANYTHING... now its $350 for a tune, $85 for o2 delete, $215 for 4.4 upgrade. etc etc etc... by the time you look at it your in the same range as an IPD tune. so here is my list of replacements.... Within the last year the car has had the following changed... Fuel pump, Fuel tank seals Check valve line coming off the fuel tank...(by the fuel filter) Fuel Filter. Custom exhaust... 3" DP, 3 high flow cat, 2.5" magnaflow muffler, Y pipe going to dual outs.... Car had a 15G Conical which worked fine, swapped to Rebuilt 16T, Then back to a 15G for testing. 2 Different waste gate actuators... 3 Cold sides, 2 hot sides changed on the turbos. BNIB CBV Tried 3 different MBC's, Multiple USED BCS/TCVs, and is currently on an AEM trueboost EBC set at 90% duty cycle (turned as high as it would go) Intercooler lines are all Samco except the one from the throttle body... thats the Snabb one. (i also put the OEM ones back on for testing and had no change) Stylin motors silicone Vac line kit. (removed and reconnect each line 1 by 1 just last week) Changed Vac tree, and the O ring gasket around it. changed to white injectors. Changed IACV Changed IACV top line. Brand new VOVLO brand PCV system Bosch spark plugs kingsborn spark plug wires new cap and rotor New coil cleaned PTC removed Snabb intake manifold spacer NA throttle body with VOLVO brand throttle body gasket. Cleaned EGR Swapped MAF Changed air filters Changed intercooler disconnected OEM boost gauge. Tested 3 different boost gauges. prosport, sport comp, and now AEM all read the same. changed line going to the gauges... nothing. FPR wasn't changed but Fuel pressure was tested and is fine. A dry compression test and the car COLD put 150-154 across the board... (and thats with leaking valve seals) NA cams were adjusted using Techs cam timing tool Running Gates Timing belt also changed within this last year. New Water pump Kevlar braided oil lines. Silicone Radiator lines, New radiator New radiator fan New thermostat new temp sensor New heater core new heater core lines new heater core firewall block new ECC unit. New motor mounts (need to do trans mounts) NA cams were taken from a 96 Na parts car I had and I left the Rotor attached so i wouldn't mix them up. crossdrilled and slotted rotors 93 control arms with poly bushings new ball joints koni yellows weitec springs xc90 spring seats and all new supporting hardware for the suspension QBM endlinks R rear sway bar new cam seals New Cam sensor New TPS Cruise control lines inspected and working correctly Tests.. Compression tested (150-154 all the way across) Boost leak tested 22psi in the system From turbo to Throttle body DIY smoke test....(lit like 4 smokes at once, and took a few long drags and blew into the intake tube) (only smoke was from around the PTC seal) which is Pre boost anyways.... Tech put his boost leak tester on the intake and tested everything in the manifold with pressure (low PSI) (removed oil cap and dipstick to allow pressure out of the motor).... no other leaks found. Ran car with waste gate actuator disconnected (no change) ran car with CBV disconnected (car only builds 8psi) I mean the only parts i haven't touched are the Break booster/ABS system... Charcoal canister exhaust manifold block trans and O2 sensors. Anything else on the car has been inspected or replaced. Car recently started throwing front o2 slow response code but it seems to have no affect on the car when i clear it. Lucky SWEARS the tune is correct but i have 2 850 T5 autos and i can't get them past 12.5psi with the tune.... Yet ALAN (TECH) put it in his T5M and got 19psi...@14ish AFRs... I've been looking for another Auto t5 to test the tune and see if its just something with my cars or what.... I'm putting in the HD CBV this weekend....... Currently I'm talking with Nick from ARD to continue to trouble shoot the problems. What i honestly suspect is that... The ARD tune runs leaner than the IPD and other tunes... still safe... but leaner...... With this comes Hotter EGTs.... I'm wondering if his tunes are buring up the front O2 sensors on everyones cars..... One other idea.... Snabb had the issue with us FL guys... with the first manifold spacer... his Temp testing showed the material was rated for X degrees... up north the cars never hit that, but in FL we had like 6 guys in a few months melt them. when 1 finally took temp readings.... durring the summer after a long drive we were at that temp. Snabb refunded some money... don't know how many, and shortly after came out with Rev 2.0 on the gasket. which has a higher temp rating.... Could Lucky's tunes be designed around the colder air and altitudes of his area? I know one of our S60 guys got a custom tune from BSR and it took several attempts for them to get it correct because of the temp. and altitude changes... what worked for them, didn't work for us.... See this is what upsets me about his Warranty....... YOU have done your due dilligance and get a Free check and exchange... but I who have the LONGEST list of replaced parts on here still have to Pay $75 Per HOUR for testing... WHY? at what point have I done my due dilligance? With the Time and money I have spent chaising my tail I could have dropped an RN and 5 speeds swap with tune. AND ITS NOT JUST ME i've had Tech (a volvo specialst) look over the car multiple times. I mean if somone was going to see something clearly wrong it would be him. What gets me is 2 of my cars wont hit it, but a 5 speed will. and the ONLY 3 things we have different are.... 5 speed, FMIC, and BOV vs CBV......... NONE of which should cause the tune to not work in mine.... I changed me Intercooler last weekend. This weekend I'm doing my CBV and O2 sensor... if that dosn't fix it I'm going to contact Lucky and see what new hoop he wants me to jump though. #1 I agree with you on Reviews, but I also think that if something is wrong and the company dose basic things to make it better the review can be offset. what people here are talking about is, they have an issue and Lucky could care less. #2 My issue is not a Flat fee of $75 to check it.... HE TOLD ME $75 PER HOUR, WITH NO SET TIME LIMIT. meaning he could turn around and say "you owe me $600" for testing....(which I heard he did to someone already... not sure if its true). but others above have gotten it for free with half the amount of work and time I've put in. ANY PLACE THAT I HAVE GONE TO WITH A PER HOUR CHARGE CAN AT LEAST GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE UP FRONT ABOUT HOW MANY HOURS....I was never told how many. #3 If I pay a shop to tune the car and I get a car that runs slower than when I dropped it off why shouldn't they warranty it? I didn't pay them to make it slower.... Litteraly I have NEVER EVER EVER SEEN 17psi in my car. I've jumped through every suggestion Lucky has thrown at me and then some. #4 Ask lucky how much is a reflash....its NOT NOT NOT $75 flat fee. if it was I would have just had him Reflash mine....its the SAME price as another Tune. #5 you know who contact me today? Nick from ARD, go figure he offered to help me solve this and even gave me his phone number....it was unrelated to this thread, something I posted on Facebook. but it shows the difference in dealing with lucky and dealing with nick.
  6. <<<<<<<<<<<< I bitched about my tune a while back and ended up with Whiner above my name............. Thats why people don't talk about it on here. Again, Like mattsk8, i'm not looking to slander Lucky, I'm simply expressing why I won't do buisness with him ever again. He never said anything to me that made me feel like I was being talked down to. Hell if we were all hanging out I'd probably buy him a beer. he was that cool when talking to me............ I just really don't like his buisness practace is all. He was a "cheap" option for me when I got it and I got exactly what I paid for. #1 I SUSPECT HE HAS CHANGED THE CAM TIMING DIRECTIONS ON HIS SITE AND DIDN'T TELL ANYONE. he said he changed the wording but not the numbers... then i pointed out that VIVA had differnt numbers than him for some reason, Now VIVA matches his site.... I guess he fixed that. #2 NO PLACE ON THE ARD SITE dose it say "green tune may not work with your OEM BCS, or CBV." And yet the first suggestion he makes once I paid for the tune and couldn't boost was.... your BCS is failing.... #3 Per his site.... Warranty: Modifying your vehicle means you are taking it outside the normal operating parameters it was designed to withstand. This means components begin to wear and break sooner and easier as the vehicle power increases. ARD does not provide a warranty for the customers vehicles or any of the associated components on that vehicle in any way expressed or implied. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is in good operational condition and properly equipped for the level of tuning and power you are seeking. When in doubt, ask! NO PLACE ON THE SITE ARE THE warrenty policy for the tunes stated. meaning if in 3 months my ECU stops working what will ARD do, and how much would it cost me. He is just making this $75 per hour testing thing up on the Fly. I don't know what state he is in but in FL.... 672.316 Exclusion or modification of warranties.— (1) Words or conduct relevant to the creation of an express warranty and words or conduct tending to negate or limit warranty shall be construed wherever reasonable as consistent with each other; but, subject to the provisions of this chapter on parol or extrinsic evidence (s. 672.202), negation or limitation is inoperative to the extent that such construction is unreasonable. (2) Subject to subsection (3), to exclude or modify the implied warranty of merchantability or any part of it, the language must mention merchantability and in case of a writing must be conspicuous; and, to exclude or modify any implied warranty of fitness, the exclusion must be by a writing and conspicuous. Language to exclude all implied warranties of fitness is sufficient if it states, for example, that “There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.” (3) Notwithstanding subsection (2): (a) Unless the circumstances indicate otherwise, all implied warranties are excluded by expressions like “as is” or “with all faults” or other language which in common understanding calls the buyer’s attention to the exclusion of warranties and makes plain that there is no implied warranty; and (  When the buyer before entering into the contract has examined the goods or the sample or model as fully as he or she desired or has refused to examine the goods, there is no implied warranty with regard to defects which an examination ought in the circumstances to have revealed to him or her; and © An implied warranty can also be excluded or modified by a course of dealing or course of performance or usage of trade. I would think that if I'm getting a CUSTOM tune like he says........ we are establashing an Emplied warranty of some sort.....because I have no way to test and inspect prior to buying it. I would LOVE to see how he would fight this one off in Court.... " Judge Judy: SO your selling Custom tunes from across the country, for cars you've never seen, based on a build sheet. Lucky: yes your honor... JJ: And what happens if you get the tune wrong? Lucky: My tunes are never wrong. JJ: Realy, and how do you know that? Lucky: because all i do is change the Boost curve. JJ: SO lets say you send me a Tune and Fed ex drops it off a truck and somehow something gets wonky in the "code" you put in... what then? Lucky: well....................... I'd charge you $75 an hour to test the tune, if I find something wrong its free, but if not then you have to pay me to get your tune back. JJ: Is this "policy" stated any place, sales recipt? web site? Lucky: No..... JJ: FAIL! Give the person back his tune. I took everyones word that Lucky is a cool guy and he will make things right if something is wrong... and clearly he isn't doing that. We had the same issue with Stylin motors when they started to go bad........ people defended them, and defended them, until finally they understood it was crap. EDIT: I still don't even know if my problem is the tune or not.... 2 of my cars won't boost past 12psi. and 1 of my friends cars did get the 17psi as stated by Lucky. so 2 out of 3 cars tested failed with his tune........ I will do more testing on various cars and see what results I get. I Can't and WONT say his tune is crap, because I havn't gotten the damn thing to work in my car yet.
  7. Lucky+1 ARD-1 Lucky was never Rude to me, but I will NEVER EVER by anything from him again. After a year of replacing parts I still can't get his Green tune to run correctly in my 95t5 or my 96t5. I was in contact with him and Nick the entire year and asked for suggestions and ideas. And they always had something to try...but after a year of thrashing...... When I requested a new tune I was given the $75 per hour line for testing. I could understand this if I came clear out of Left field a year later and said WTF... but for a year I Have been changing parts on not 1 but 2 Volvo, and you can't "suck it up" and just exchange it, for the "stand behind your product" aspect of it? When I talked to Lucky he said he reviewed my File and everything looks fine, but its $75 per hour of testing if my ECU is fine.... WHY???? if you have my Tune on File Blow that sumbitch into another ECU and exchange it....WTF testing is needed? your not loosing inventory...your not re flashing... its just an exchange. if your really out of money charge me a "restocking" fee.......but $75 for testing without a LIMIT on how much its going to be????? come on. reply from Lucky to my email expressing the feelings above.... Robert Arnold To Me Nov 18 Jamie, If an ECU is sent back to us for a warranty related claim we test it on our end to see if we can replicate the issues at hand or to see if anything else has failed with the unit itself. If the unit has failed then there is NO charge to you as this would fall under our warranty policy and we will send you another ECU with your tuned file. If however we find that there is nothing wrong with the ECU unit itself then the $75 testing fee will be charged to you. This fee takes into account the time spent to test and examine the ECU to find any faults or issues. Again this will only be charged to you if we cannot find anything wrong with the ECU itself. We have reviewed your file again, and again the issue is not with the tune. That being said we are more than willing to take a look at the ECU itself to make sure that this is not a failed unit. Let me know how you would like to proceed. Thank you! Michele Arnold ARD Tuning What i got from that was............................ JAIME.... we do UN-NEED testing for anyone who wants to exchange a suspected bad tune, so that we can charge them more money. I want to Know EXACTLY what testing you do? do you have an 850 in every single configuration with every single brand of part, and drop it in the one that's EXACTLY like mine? And drive around? or do you just look at a screen and say... well that looks like what I typed in the map... my map is what I THINK IT SHOULD BE.... so its Fine. I ended up having someone local try the tune and although it did build 17psi+ in their car , I still can't get it to work on either of my cars... 1 with full supporting mods (which the tune was built for) and 1 bone stock. stage zero and a MBC..... that's it. I should notice SOME change between the 2... but I don't they both LOOSE HP with the tune. Which makes it useless to me........ Its sad when a $20 R ecu from the junk yard runs better in your car than the $300+ Green tune. The sad part is, EVEN IF 1 DAY i prove the tune is bad/wrong for my car his $75 per hour testing....and his policy of If HE finds something wrong with it he will exchange it, means I'll just be giving him the tune back and him keeping it and not refunding a dime... as I hear he has already done with others.....
  8. If I'm not mistaken the deal was $65 with rob taking the tires off and bringing them back.
  9. I saw you tooo.... OH wait..... Thats right I was there with you... LOL I like how your car looks like its Mad at my car in this pic.
  10. HOLY stuff!!! I'm on VS with IE8..... looks a little different than FF but AWESOME! see my issue is working for the government in a secured faclity we ONLY use IE. WE JUST upgraded to ie7 this past month...so I guess I'll still be out of luck at work with this site, but its nice to know I can get one once it we get ot IE8
  11. Can someone tell me if swapping the ECU off a NON SAS 850 to a SAS 850 would work? I did this with my EGR to delete it and I just Snagged rob's NON sas ECU. I figured IN theory it should work, the part numbers were different.
  12. so what your saying is that its just like Ebay only just for volvospeed. I can't fight the fact that you had 20% more traffic, the question is are you getting more sales? because whats the point of putting it on here when ebay is the exact same thing and has more exposure. I think the 20% is just everyone giving it a try. once everyone has tested it I expect you will see a drop.
  13. wait so I'm confused. The new system looks a lot like Ebay. So what no haggling with sellers? Just BUY it now. I already spent very little time on this site due to its compatibility issues with IE and me not being able to get on at work. People wanting to overprice there used parts was crazy ($100 for OEM 072 ecu's....... every pick and Pull in Florida sells em for $35). Then the scams kicked in, and now this new style of selling...with fees....Its just gonna make the Prices go up in order to make up for the fees. Craigslist and Floridavolvocommunity.net here I come!
  14. sorry i was under the impressing that you worked/coded the site. In that case you were not Tap dancing. lol however the 2nd part of your post is still only half true. YES a forum is much harder to code than a hobby site. however, when you compare VS to EVERY other FORUM on the NET. its one of the few who aren't compatible with IE. just some numbers using forums i frequent........ volvospeed.com gets about....6400 visitors per day. orlandoforums.com gets about...3300 visitors per day. turbobricks.com gets about......2200 visitors per day. stanceworks.com gets about ......6300 visitors per day CFLeuro.net (our local car clubs forum) only gets 120 visitors per day. all are compatible with IE except VS. and they are all much smaller than VS (except for stanceworks). I realize making VS compatible with IE is a lot of work but when you are large scale site, you need to cater to your members. again thats just how i would run a Forum.