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  1. yes I had ALAN (tech) do them and we even re adjusted them a few months ago... no change at all.
  2. I didn't take it as you saying I didn't get it. i was just commenting that I'm at the 30 year old cut off line and still got it was all. Ok so i know this is the tuning thread but it seems you guys have seen all kinds of funky issues and maybe can help me. 95 850 turbo. was running STRONG when stock. with MBC. took 2 weeks and did stage zero + stage 1. white injectors, 16T (rebuilt). 3" DP, NA cams, NA intake manifold, NA throttle body, all silicone lines under the hood. AEM EBC. Green tune. even with the Wastegate wired shut... I only build 13ish psi... and it
  3. soooo I'm not going to read all the pages, but has anyone figured out how to get it to work on 4.3? or at least the data logging part... I really need to know whats wrong with my car, but I've got no CELs
  4. Do it fast and you can cancel your payment via your credit card/paypal if he gives you a hard time. He will probably charge you $75 per hour, for testing... so he can refund you.
  5. <<<<<<<<<<<< seriously "super Whiner" come on... I spent $325 I wasn't going to get up charged to remove my rear O2, and pay $215 for a 4.4 ecu when I can get it for $20 at a pick and pull...I remember what made ARD such a GREAT option... it was $300 ish bucks for ANYTHING... now its $350 for a tune, $85 for o2 delete, $215 for 4.4 upgrade. etc etc etc... by the time you look at it your in the same range as an IPD tune. so here is my list of replacements.... Within the last year the car has had the following changed... Fu
  6. <<<<<<<<<<<< I bitched about my tune a while back and ended up with Whiner above my name............. Thats why people don't talk about it on here. Again, Like mattsk8, i'm not looking to slander Lucky, I'm simply expressing why I won't do buisness with him ever again. He never said anything to me that made me feel like I was being talked down to. Hell if we were all hanging out I'd probably buy him a beer. he was that cool when talking to me............ I just really don't like his buisness practace is all. He was a "cheap" option fo
  7. Lucky+1 ARD-1 Lucky was never Rude to me, but I will NEVER EVER by anything from him again. After a year of replacing parts I still can't get his Green tune to run correctly in my 95t5 or my 96t5. I was in contact with him and Nick the entire year and asked for suggestions and ideas. And they always had something to try...but after a year of thrashing...... When I requested a new tune I was given the $75 per hour line for testing. I could understand this if I came clear out of Left field a year later and said WTF... but for a year I Have been changing parts on not 1 but
  8. If I'm not mistaken the deal was $65 with rob taking the tires off and bringing them back.
  9. I saw you tooo.... OH wait..... Thats right I was there with you... LOL I like how your car looks like its Mad at my car in this pic.
  10. HOLY stuff!!! I'm on VS with IE8..... looks a little different than FF but AWESOME! see my issue is working for the government in a secured faclity we ONLY use IE. WE JUST upgraded to ie7 this past month...so I guess I'll still be out of luck at work with this site, but its nice to know I can get one once it we get ot IE8
  11. Can someone tell me if swapping the ECU off a NON SAS 850 to a SAS 850 would work? I did this with my EGR to delete it and I just Snagged rob's NON sas ECU. I figured IN theory it should work, the part numbers were different.
  12. so what your saying is that its just like Ebay only just for volvospeed. I can't fight the fact that you had 20% more traffic, the question is are you getting more sales? because whats the point of putting it on here when ebay is the exact same thing and has more exposure. I think the 20% is just everyone giving it a try. once everyone has tested it I expect you will see a drop.
  13. wait so I'm confused. The new system looks a lot like Ebay. So what no haggling with sellers? Just BUY it now. I already spent very little time on this site due to its compatibility issues with IE and me not being able to get on at work. People wanting to overprice there used parts was crazy ($100 for OEM 072 ecu's....... every pick and Pull in Florida sells em for $35). Then the scams kicked in, and now this new style of selling...with fees....Its just gonna make the Prices go up in order to make up for the fees. Craigslist and Floridavolvocommunity.net here I come!
  14. sorry i was under the impressing that you worked/coded the site. In that case you were not Tap dancing. lol however the 2nd part of your post is still only half true. YES a forum is much harder to code than a hobby site. however, when you compare VS to EVERY other FORUM on the NET. its one of the few who aren't compatible with IE. just some numbers using forums i frequent........ volvospeed.com gets about....6400 visitors per day. orlandoforums.com gets about...3300 visitors per day. turbobricks.com gets about......2200 visitors per day. stanceworks.com gets about ......63