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  1. It's the New World Order that my father in law had predicted would occur once Y2K hit.... I wish that I could enjoy a beer - but this is no time for socializing.... perhaps later, once things settle down. I have a feeling that I'll be working in your area soon than previously anticipated
  2. Congrats and goodby Gary I'm going off the grid
  3. Well Alain, Alden did state a disclaimer indicating that the statement in his last post was "developing"... I think that I kinda understand his point My problem is that religion's role, as you described it, is based on, what has proven over time to be, a fluid moral code. Have you seen the clip for the Nat Turner movie where Nat Turner and the preacher are each using bible verses to support their position on slavery? What about the pushback that the Pope receives each time he advocates that priests live a more modest lifestyle? I've recently seen where several theological schools recognize, support and advocate on behalf of LGBT student groups. I dont care that the people are LGBT - but I'm fascinated at the institutions ablility to justify their position considering the whole sodom and gomorrah storyline. I just wanna yell "Pick a lane"
  4. Someone taped this to a female coworker's (who happens to be a fervent Trump supporter) chair overnight:
  5. been a little preoccupied this summer...
  6. I'm too old for a sports bike... and too young for a touring model.
  7. You crossed the line Gary... Words can hurt.
  8. Logged into FB on my train ride into work and had to laugh at the first post in my timeline:
  9. raise a stink... in a bathroom... The jokes just write themselves around here
  10. why stop there?? If you identify as black AND as female then you can be Rachel Dolezal
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing a transgender person straddle a urinal or try to urinate in trough at one of the sport facilities - should be good for a laugh or two... In the meantime, I'm just grateful that I can drink from the same water fountain as you guys. Thanks 'merica!
  12. I saw this and immediately though of you guys:
  13. I'm interested in seeing how much it depreciates... I haven't purchased a new car for myself since, well... forever. No need to start now.
  14. Mine too... Sooooouuuuuullllllll TRAIN!
  15. Sorry Gary, I don't understand that statement - especially since employment (you know, the tool most used by "those attempting to take care of themselves") has had a significant rebound (dispite the Republican's best effort to prevent it) There's only one train that you need to ride - the SOUL TRAIN !!
  16. Ok, I'll bite... What's your issue(s) with BO? Personally, the idea of a Trump presidency makes me pass loose stool... but there is a part of me that wishes he could get elected simply because his kind of ignorance would be the perfect complement to W's ineptitude. Frame BO with these two clowns and in 75-100 years he would be the equivalent of FDR
  17. Donald Trump wouldnt be caught dead on a train...shouldn't it be "Trump Plane baby. Woosh Woosh" ? I'm just saying...
  18. Gary, you can be a real smartass at times
  19. The good news is that you can post links from BC just the same as from the USA Trump train baby... WOOT! WOOT!
  20. So, if Trump wins the General election then you'll continue posting links?? Trump Train baby...WOOT! WOOT!
  21. To me, a self made man who started out with millions isn't really "self made" That's like saying "I baked a cake from scratch" while using bisquick
  22. Gary, why do you consider Trump a self made man? What defines that term for you?
  23. Now that was unexpected... things have just got real