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  1. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

    gonna have to wait till the clutch is bedded in
  2. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

  3. ean carr

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    if it makes any difference, when i saw it, it looked beautiful! lol
  4. ean carr

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    maroon 850 wagon with blinding HID head lights, however was sitting on volans and what looked like VERY nice brakes up front. Saw you in Blackrock, CT aka Fairfield/Bridgeport. i was in the battle wagon
  5. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

  6. Hell yeah thats a 400$ subaru legacy 2.2 wagon! New winter beater
  7. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

    i haz the camber..
  8. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

    Almost can't get out of my garage
  9. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

  10. ean carr

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    that's bobby, he isn't really on the forums though.
  11. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

  12. ean carr

    How Your Car Sits

    friends found the old s70 at a junk yard with a blown motor and no pokes given </3
  13. ean carr

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Fairfield Train Station, southbound side